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2020s Top 10 Best Kids Chore Apps for your Family

With a kids’ chore app, you don’t have to yell any more just to get things done. With just a few clicks, all are placed in order. Find out more about a kids’ chore app in this article. 

Given how fast-paced the world is today, it is not surprising to find out that modern parents hardly find time for themselves. Moreso, coping up with their family and work is a real challenge. 

Remembering every single thing about your family alongside your work is certainly not easy. You might be a super mom or a super dad, but sure enough, at one point or another, you might have forgotten things.

After all, our memory has a capacity; we aren’t supercomputers. Thankfully, technology has made it easy to manage kids, even when you are at work, with a kids’ chore app. 

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What is a kids’ chore app?

Kids’ chore app is a software or application that can be downloaded on smartphones that are used by parents to manage their kids at home. With it, they can keep track of everything that is happening at home. 

Kids’ chore app somewhat works as a family chore chart. They are reminded of their task or responsibilities without you nagging them. These apps aren’t just for kids actually. You can also use it to remind yourself of the task that you have to do at a particular time. 

These kids’ chore apps allow you to assign a task to a specific person and let you know once it is completed so that you can give the reward, which is commonly through allowance. In some apps, a particular chore has a corresponding amount; others allow your kids to donate or invest it. 

Best Kids’ Chore Apps

1. Cozi Kids’ Chore App

Operating System: Android and iOS

Cozi is one of the best kids’ chore apps that allows you to organize your family’s daily schedule. With it, you can coordinate and put together everything that a family member has in hand. 

With this app, you can track your kid’s tasks as well as share to them the things that you want them to accomplish. The app allows you to create as many lists as you can for different dates or tasks. 

You can also use this app to store your meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and the like. The app even comes with a sweet journal feature where you can capture and save special milestones in your kid’s life. 

If you want to keep things a little more organized, you can assign a color to each of your kids or family members. 

Cozi doesn’t come with a cash remuneration feature, so kids don’t get paid for what they do. The app is free but going add-free comes with a fee. 

2. Homey Chore App for Kids

Operating System: Android and iOS

With the Homey chore app for kids, you get a real-time notification for every task that your child completes. Generally speaking, your entire family has a visual overview of the things that have to be accomplished, alongside the people assigned to it. 

The app also makes it possible for you to track the progress of a task and mark it complete once done. And, you can send the money to your kid too!

What makes these kids chore app unique from other apps is that it comes with a family chat feature. With it, you can communicate with a family member. For example, your child can send you a picture of the dishes that she has washed as proof that she did the job. 

3. OurHome Kids’ Chore App

Operating System: Android and iOS

OurHome is a kids’ chore app that lets you manage the tasks of your kids as well as organize the daily activities of all family members. The app even motivates kids since it uses a gamified approach wherein tasks are part of a game. 

OurHome also comes with a schedule organizer that allows you to assign and schedule tasks, and track their progress. You can also send reminders or penalties to your kids if a task is left undone. 

Another good thing about the app is that it has a goal-setting feature. With it, your kids can know what they have to do within a certain time. On the other hand, the calendar feature gives all family members an overview of the appointments, schedules, important dates, and events of the entire family. 

4. Busy Kid Kids’ Chore App

Operating System: Android and iOS

Busy Kid is a chore app that is perfect for families with two or more children. With the app, you can assign chores to your kids that are appropriate for their age. It also allows you to pay your kids for every task they completed. 

Although it comes with a preset setting, you can always change it based on your needs. 

What is good about the app is that it makes your kids investors with companies like Disney or Apple from the money that they earn from completing a task. You can also give your child a bonus for a job well done. 

5. S’moresUp Kids’ Chore App

Operating System: Android and iOS

This app isn’t just for kids, but you can use it to manage your entire household. The S’mores Up app comes with a simple user interface, which makes it easy for kids to use it. Each member of your family has separate access to the app as well. 

It also comes with a shared calendar for all of your family members to access tasks and assignments easier. You can give your child late penalties as well if a task is not completed. 

On the other hand, you can give them rewards or bonuses for completed tasks. 

6. Flayk: Made Your Family

Operating System: Android and iOS

If you are looking for an app with various features including calendar, event organizer, to-do list sharing, and more, this app is for you. Flayk makes it possible for you to organize the tasks of your entire family. 

To be more particular, you can set the tasks that your kids have to accomplish. 

Aside from your immediate family, you can also add extended members of your family. In other terms, you can set multiple families into the app. You can even add your friends if you want. 

Flayk comes with a reward system. With every task accomplished, your child receives a reward. For example, you can set certain points for a specifically completed task which your child can redeem to you. 

7. Chore Monster Kids’ Chore App

Operating System: Android and iOS

Chore Monster is a fun app for kids that motivates them to complete a task within the deadline. The app has a point system where kids get a certain point for a completed task. You can set the point or reward that you want to give your child every single time. 

With the app, you and your child can customize your profile. This means that you see two different screens too based on your profiles. 

Also, you can have access to the weekly chore stats of your kids to figure out if they have been productive during the week. 

8. Chore Pad HD Kids’ Chore App

 Operating System: iOS

Chore Pad HD is a chore app available for free for iOS users. The app comes with a chart tool with everything you need to organize the tasks of your kids at home. 

The app is very simple to use. Despite its simplicity, the app is very useful in encouraging kids to help you with the chores. With it, you can train your kids to be responsible adults soon enough.

Just like the other apps, this app comes with a reward system as well. You can customize the reward or points that your kid receives for every completed task. 

The parent mode of the app allows you to configure the app, change the password, assign chores, give rewards, and the like. 

9. Mothershp Kids’ Chore App

Operating System: Android and iOS

Mothershp is an app that can help you assign a task to your kids. With it, you can see how tasks progress in as much as you are notified once it is completed. 

What makes this app one of the best is that kids aren’t really feeling like they are doing a chore. Instead, they feel like they are just playing since the app turns boring chores into fun and exciting games. 

The app comes with a motivation-based reward system that you can give your kids for doing well. You can also access if what they have done is right or not. 


Operating System: Android and iOS

If you are very busy with your schedule and you are looking for the perfect app that can make things easier for you, you have to give this app a try. is an app that allows you to create to-do lists and schedule events. It even makes it possible for you to organize tasks weeks or months from now. 

You can also import your to-do lists directly to your mailbox or computer, which is a good thing to save time. 


Technology has made life quick and easy. With kids chore apps, managing your kids’ tasks has never been this easy. These apps are beneficial when you have a very hectic schedule, yet you still want to monitor your kids and ensure that they are responsible and safe at the same time. 

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Related Questions

Are kids’ chore apps effective?

Yes, these kids’ chore apps are very effective when implemented properly. They are the perfect tool for parents who are busy but still want to find time to train their children to be responsible. 

Won’t the kids get lazy since they are just monitored with an app?

Certainly, not. They would even be motivated since most of these apps have a reward system and use games to motivate a child to complete a task.