Blockly teaches programming principles and introduces JavaScript using a block-based programming approach. It’s just like doing a puzzle, except you connect pieces of code and you don’t end up with any missing pieces under the couch. Puzzle pieces will appear on the screen and the goal is to complete the “story” that makes up the software program by completing the puzzle. Each puzzle piece represents a block of code, which is similar to a paragraph in a story. Kids can drag-and-drop the puzzle pieces to create a sequence of code. As long as your child can read, he or she can learn coding with Blockly. However, some of the games include using the number of degrees to define the direction an object moves and others concepts that may be difficult for really little kids despite it using a gamification approach and simple graphics. Overall, Blockly is a simple, straightforward coding website for kids who don’t have any experience with coding. Its aim is to prepare kids to learn conventional text-based computer programming languages.