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Our Educational Philosophy

Our goal at BWS Education is to provide a customized, highly engaging educational experience that empowers students to learn valuable intellectual skills in the most efficient and effective manner. The two major obstacles to quality instruction are:

  • Mock Teaching – Much of what looks like teaching is not actually teaching. Just because a teacher is standing in front of a lecture hall “covering the material” is no guarantee that students are understanding it. Many people who completely understand the subject matter on their own are not able to convey it in a way that students will understand.
  • Mock Participation – Students, especially teenage students, hate to admit that they do not understand a concept. Nodding their heads and keeping their hands down when it’s time for questions, students will “participate” but not actually learn. They will tell teachers, parents and themselves that “everything is fine.” That is, until the test results come back showing that things are far from fine.
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