A drawing app for school age kids. In addition to many drawing tools for kids to try out different art effects, all features are more fine-tuned, such coloring in a smaller area, overlay text on top of pictures with different font options.   There are 6 coloring books in the app, each books has about 20 professional drawn pictures. The 6 books are of different themes, covering various interest areas: Animals, Occupations, Fairies and friends, Robots, Creatures (or Monsters), and a sketchbook where kids can create their own pictures in different frames or on pictures with only a part drawn, such as a nose or two eyes.   Kids can choose any book and then pick a picture from the book to color on. The coloring options are amazing!   There are 5 simulated drawing tools: Pencil, Crayon, Brush, Spray, and Marker. Under each option, there are over 100 different colors and patterns to choose from.   Kids will love the Magic Particles Tool. It allows them to draw with over 30 particles, like: bubbles, grass, fur, leaves, stars, snow, raindrops. It is fun to watch the pretty leaves, stars, snowflakes to appear on the painting under your finger.   Since it is designed for kids age 5 and older, there are some advanced options for older kids who have better finger maneuver ability. For example, kids can fill in the color in a much smaller area.