Sample Lesson Time 7 x 45 minute classes if all work is done in class - less if homework is given Introduction Line is one of the first elements we introduce in art. With a strong understanding of this basic element, in-depth and detailed art pieces can be created. Without having an "image" to draw even the self-proclaimed "non" artist can find success and build confidence. The students will identify how master artists use line in unexpected ways. They will figure out ways to use the element to show emotion, energy and motion. National Standards Visual Art: Standard 1 Understand and applies media, techniques, and processes related to the visual arts(level IV grade 9-12): 1. Artistic skills and techniques; 2. Artistic communication and expression. Benchmark 1. Applies media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that ones intentions are carried out in artworks Standard 5. Understand the characteristic and merits of one's own artwork and the artwork of others. (level IV grade 9-12): 1. Identifies intentions of those creating artworks. Benchmark 2. Understands some of the implications of intention and purpose in particular works of art. Benchmark 4. Understands how various interpretations can be used to understand and evaluate works of visual art