An interactive cartoon movie for children ages 3 and up Languages: English, French, German, Spanish Adventurous little Filifant explores the world and sticks his trunk into everything that’s new and exciting. He and the child travel together and have a whole series of mini-adventures. Whenever Filifant meets a new animal, the child decides what happens next. Multiple parallel story elements are combined to produce a new story each time the game is played: children put together their own film. Filifant ends up in a tricky situation in every story, and whenever he does, the child gets involved and completes a task to progress in the game. Together with the child, Filifant overcomes all sorts of difficulties and tries out the available options. He learns to recognise dangers, and has to be brave and develop self-confidence. At the same time, he also learns about personal and social skills and values such as helpfulness and trust, and makes new friends. With Filifant as a figure children can identify with, this game offers players fun and adventures, develops logic and reasoning skills, broadens children’s horizons and helps them learn how to choose.