mathShed - proudly powered by EdShed - is a maths platform designed to significantly impact on the enjoyment of maths and results. It is built with students, teachers, and parents in mind and aims to make the learning maths facts fun for students as well as simple for teachers to manage.

  • Teaching Slides: Mastery teaching slides following White Rose & taking a whole-class, no worksheets approach.
  • Maths Fluency: Develop maths fluency through times-tables, number bonds, powers of ten, and more.
  • Assignments: Use our system to set pupils' deadlines and to make relevant maths challenges available to them.
  • Data: Detailed reporting of students' activity and competence over time. Doing your marking for you!
mathShed - K-5 (4 -11-year-olds) arithmetic fluency intervention program, web game, and app.