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Read to Lead is a digital literacy learning game, where students are empowered to be the boss while reading their way through a virtual internship. It is a fun, engaging, and relevant way to blast through traditional reading barriers and promote workplace readiness and skill building. By playing our learning games, youth increase reading achievement, find motivation, and see, often for the first time, a real connection between learning, career aspirations, and their futures. Read to Lead is geared for students in 5th – 9th grades and provides a diverse representation of characters to showcase that ALL of our students can be the Boss! Additionally, Read to Lead provides community action projects, coaching, and implementation support for an enriching educational experience! Our staff is committed to turn-key (ready-to-use) implementation and support to build the capacity of educators.

Grade 6 / Year 7, Grade 7 / Year 8, Grade 8 / Year 9, Grade 9 / Year 10, Grade 10 / Year 11, Grade 11 / Year 12, Grade 12 / Year 13
Website/Online tool for Teacher, Website/Online tool for Student
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