Rocket Math

Detailed Information



  • An Excellent Online Math Program for Ages 5–14. Builds Fluency and Automaticity
  • Teachers, Parents, and Students can Track Progress at any Time.
  • Scientifically Designed for Success


Rocket Math is one of the best online games that can help your child develop different math skills. As described by the name, Rocket Math uses an appealing space theme in their app, which makes the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for children. Rocket Math covers a wide range of math facts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so much more. Students go up in learning tracks as they achieve the required objective for each level.


This online learning program approaches teaching children math through fun and interactive games. These games build fluency and automaticity of solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Both parents and teachers can track the progress of the child as they progress through the learning tracks in the game.




Rocket Math works great for:

  • Classrooms Homeschooling
  • After-school enrichment programs


The Online Learning Program is divided into 16 learning tracks, each track targets a specific objective in Math Facts, starting from basic addition all the way to advanced division. As a teacher, you could use Rocket Math to test and identify the child’s learning level and then begin their learning journey by allocating the suitable learning track to their account.


Rocket Math Provides a series of videos that show teachers how to use the online game in their classrooms.



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