StoneOak Media was established in San Antonio, Texas (USA) in early 2014 to develop groundbreaking Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focused educational products.  Prior to establishing the company, the company’s founders observed that much of the STEM content being taught in schools both failed to inspire and motivate sufficient numbers of students towards STEM careers, and failed to develop the critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills that STEM-focused employers are ultimately seeking.  StoneOak Media was founded to help solve this problem. With a singular focus on delivering educational solutions that make learning immersive, engaging, and fun, StoneOak Media’s initial products were some of the first to bring project-based augmented reality enhanced STEM content into the classroom.  StoneOak Media is also one of the first companies to bring 3D Design and 3D Printing focused STEM lessons, centered on the Engineering Design Process, into the classroom.  StoneOak Media’s products have been used by tens of thousands of students in several thousand schools across the globe.

Going the Extra Mile

To ensure that each of our products delivers a “Wow!!!” educational experience, we embed as much immersive and engaging cutting-edge content as possible.  This approach takes a significant amount of time and expense – especially when compared to more generic and common place competing products within the marketplace.  In the end, however, we believe that the incredible learning experiences delivered by these products is worth the extra effort.

Expert Collaboration

StoneOak Media collaborates with some of the world’s leading scientists, technology experts, illustrators, software developers, manufacturers, and others to develop and distribute our unique ecosystem of products. This collaborative team spans more than 9 time zones and two continents.

Shaping the Future

Socrates famously said, “Wisdom begins with wonder”.   When children are filled with wonder, and excited by a new concept or idea, their outlook on the world is never the same again.  At StoneOak Media, we create products that are designed to inspire the newest generation of scientists, engineers, leaders, and thinkers with concepts that will excite their imaginations and broaden their outlook.