Surf Skate Science is a homeschool meetup in South Florida. We have loved making science active by meeting at local skate and surf spots to learn about science with hands-on activities then skating or surfing together to apply the science we learn in the park or on a wave. As almost 100% of families around the world turn to home education, we (as homeschoolers) as also adjusting to "social distancing" (homeschoolers thrive on getting out and learning with other families) and the new norm of sitting in front of a screen way more than we normally like to. But, our hope is that during this time, we can partner with organizations, scientists, and professionals in STEAM-related fields, athletes, artists, architects, and more to share what careers in STEAM look like, new innovations, and unique learning opportunities. We feel that offering these lessons free is the right way to serve our community, but if you are able, we ask that you consider making a small donation so that our staff running these events can continue to make an income.