The Social Express is the most comprehensive Social Emotional Learning & Career Exploration platform with three unique programs, The Social Express, Cool School & Teen Career Path. The Social Express features 81 animated/interactive lessons which follow a curriculum addressing core social and emotional skills needed for success in life. The program is primarily used in special education with students who require direct support and secondary in general ed classrooms as a group lesson for character education. Cool School is an animated/interactive curriculum for elementary schools. Used as a classroom lesson, the program specifically addresses relevant topics around bullying and what to do as a bystander or a victim. A unique feature is an incident reporting tool which allows students to report bullying anonymously to their teacher. Schools now have a way to capture important data and manage situations timely and effectively. Both programs have been aligned with CASEL’s core competencies. Teen Career Path is the first of its kind animated/interactive Career Exploration video simulation funded by The National Science Foundation. Using a gamified experience to explore a day in the life of over 20 careers allows this product to be a great resource for middle and high schools and for direct instruction for students with IEP’s who are in transition. Utilizing the framework of UDL (Universal Design of Learning) all three programs have the unique ability to work with the entire school population from Tier 1 to Tier 3 students. All three programs are highly engaging for students and simple to use for teachers. From Kindergarten to High School The Social Express is your one-stop shop.