In short, we are offering our Unlisted phone numbers and service at no charge to teachers, social workers, healthcare professionals, and other essential community workers who are currently forced to use their own personal phone number to communicate with the public.Unlisted numbers provide texting and calling (with voicemail) from our iOS and Android apps and the other party will only ever know your Unlisted number (not your real, personal phone number). To signup, please download the app and start your free trial. Then send us an email at and we will credit your account. The initial term is for three months of unlimited service, to be re-evaluated as things progress. Unlisted is an app for iOS and Android that offers private phone numbers (in the US & Canada) for calling and texting. Many teachers use an Unlisted number instead of their own personal number to call and text with students. Free Unlisted phone number and unlimited service for any teacher or social worker. The initial term is for three months but will be extended as long as school closures continue.