Learn to sing with Voxtrain.

Easy to follow, day-by-day training courses for singers. Voice lessons in your pocket. Voxtrain is a voice training program for those who want to learn to sing at home. So many singers want to sing better, increase their vocal range, and develop their own signature sound. Voxtrain was designed to help singers overcome all excuses and all obstacles by providing a day-by-day system that covers everything they need to become a better singer. The course content was developed by singers and voice coaches. The exercises were composed in recording studios to keep students inspired and engaged. 26,5% of our singing community work all the way through the program, which is phenomenal, and proves how much value they get from these singing courses. Since Voxtrain was built by musicians for musicians, a lot of passion and effort went into explaining the inner workings of the actual voice from a scientific perspective. This was done because there are so many fads, divas, and branded methodologies out there that it is confusing. Our voice coaches studied hundreds of books and academic articles so you wouldn’t have to. Rich content and hundreds of powerful exercises were combined to put a simple program in your hands, so you can take your singing to the next level.