Top 10 Best Music Apps for Kids to Use and Listen To 

Experts agree that music can benefit kids in a lot of ways, including physical development, cognitive skills improvement, and literacy, to name a few. That being said, we encourage parents to introduce these music apps for kids. 

We specifically selected teacher-approved music apps that your kids can use and listen to. These music apps are for everyone — whether your children have perfect pitch or cannot carry a tune. 

Plus, these apps are family-friendly. We’ve selected the best: from the dubstep moves in Toca Dance to making music with Elmo in Elmo’s Musical Monsterpiece.

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Top 10 Best Music Apps for Kids

Toca Dance

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If your kids love music and dancing, then Toca Dance is the best app to use. With Toca Dance, your kiddos are star choreographers. They can create dance routines and groove to the beat. 

What makes this one of the best music apps for kids is that your kiddos can unlock different characters, get costumes, and use other songs.

Your kids can customize their characters’ looks with silly costumes, vivid spandex, fun hats, fashionable glasses, and more. They will select a song and teach their dancers their moves with the swipe of their fingers. 

Once the dance steps are set, they can set the stage by picking a cool backdrop. And when they’re ready to start the show, they can hit record, and the app will film their music video. Awesome? You bet. 

Toca Dance is a great music app that encourages kids to dance and jive while performing their stellar routine. 

This app offers a kid-friendly interface without any third-party advertising and in-app purchases.

Toca Dance is available in the Apple App Store for only $3.99.

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Zoolingo is a top-rated educational app with engaging nursery rhymes and fun puzzles and activities.

Did you know that your preschoolers can improve their cognitive skills, speech, reading, language, and creativity with the help of nursery rhymes?

Zoolingo is one of the best music apps for kids for this very reason: it contains a good number of nursery rhymes. The nursery rhymes in the Zoolingo app comes with engaging music videos of high-quality and vivid graphics.

From Row, Row, Row Your Boat to Itsy Bitsy Spider, BINGO, and Rain, Rain, Go Away, Zoolingo has it all. 

Zoolingo does not only have fun and colorful nursery rhymes. It also houses thousands of fun games and puzzles, making it not only one of the best music apps for kids but also among the top-rated educational apps in the market.

This music and educational app is available in 16 different languages. 

Zoolingo is a free-to-download app and is available in the Google and Apple App Store. 


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Music has been known to increase a child’s sensory development. It can also improve their mood. That being so, it’s best to engage your kids in music-making. 

Bandimal is one of the highly-regarded music apps for kids. It is a fun and intuitive music composer that allows your kiddos to discover the creative world of composing music. 

With Bandimal, your young musicians can set up a drum loop, compose melodies, and change loop speeds until they achieve their perfect song. 

As your kids perfect their music, the amusing and quirky animals on the app will animate their song in hilarious ways. 

Your kids will get the chance to play with nine animals as instruments. They can save their compositions to their collection, and enjoy the lively animations and immersive audio. 

This is a child-friendly app without any pop-up ads. 

Bandimal is available in the Apple App Store for only $3.99.



Loopimal is brought to you by the creative minds behind Bandimal. And much like Bandimal, this app helps kids improve their music-making skills. 

As your kids play this game, they will discover the endless possibilities in composing music.

Young learners will definitely enjoy using this app. It uses animals as musical instruments, which is ridiculous in all the possible ways. And while it is fun, the game is also insanely clever — it uses the idea of a sequencer tool to help preschoolers have fun while making music. 

Loopimal features drag-and-drop shapes to assemble sounds and dance. 

You can find this app in the Apple App Store for only $3.99.

Easy Music

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Introduce your kids to the world of music with Easy Music. It teaches kids to recognize notes, pitch, melody, and rhythm, making it one of the best music apps for kids. 

The interactive sandcastle in the app serves as a musical playground where your kiddos can experiment with various instruments, genres of music, and objects to compose their music piece. 

In learning alphabets, toddlers must first learn how to speak. The same is true with music. To learn how to play music, kids need to learn to listen, which is exactly how this music app was designed. 

With Easy Music, your kids will learn the worlds of notes, pitches, rhythms, and melodies. The app has two unique learning paths: Practice Mode and Compose Mode. And there is a fun rainbow piano that your child can use to play familiar tunes. 

Easy Music is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for only $3.99.

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Kapu Bloom Tunes


There isn’t a list of best music apps for kids without Kapu Bloom Tunes included. It packs a load of creative features specifically for toddlers and blends music and painting. How cool is that?

It’s a finger-painting app with music in it. When kids trace their fingers on the garden to make melodies, the plans will sprout and play nursery rhymes. 

And more than music and painting, this music app teaches children the importance of planting. In the game, pouring magic water over the seel will make it sprout as a happy little plant that will soon bloom into a colorful flower. 

Your kiddos can spin the petals in the flowers, and they will sing magical melodies. 

Kapu Bloom Tunes is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for only $1.99. 

Melody Jams


Melody Jams offers kids a new way to become a rock star! This app teaches children to mix and match to create their own songs using their favorite characters. 

This app offers a combination of music, animation, and interactivity. Kiddos will love the members of the Melody Jam band: Mel, the drummer; Michelle who loves the flute; Mike, the conga master; Milly, the one-eyed yellow monster who slaps the bass, and more!

As your kids join the Melody Jam band, they will meet new friends, play new instruments, and experience the joy of composing music with others! 

Considering the features and animation in the game, Melody Jams is a music app that your kids can use and listen to anytime, anywhere. 

Melody Jams is available in the Apple App Store for only $1.99.

Puffin Rock Music!


Let your kids join Oona and Baba as they explore the wonderful world of music. This music app introduces young musicians to music played by the Ulster Orchestra, which blends perfectly with Puffin Rock animation. 

Children can arrange their own Puffin Rock themes. Each character in the game performs special music, and kids can recreate and remix their own song by moving a character onto a platform. To bring in some percussion, they can tap a mushroom. 

There are five vibrant characters in the game, each with their own special theme. Kids can watch them dance when their music starts, and they can also record and share their Puffin Rock music. 

This is a child- and family-friendly app, without any third-party advertising. 

Puffin Rock Music is available in the Apple App Store for only $1.99.

Beats Bug: Sing-Along


If you’re looking for an interactive sing-along music app, you might want to check Beats Bug. This interactive karaoke introduces kiddos to the Beatles, which, for us, is a knockout if you want your kids to sing along with you as you sing the classic Beatles song on your road trip. 

Each episode of this game springboards a classic Beatles song into an exciting backyard adventure.

Beats Bug features gorgeous and vivid 3D animated scenes. Kiddos can sing the karaoke and record their own voice, which they can save afterward. There are over 100 interactive elements and sounds in the game—no wonder this is among the best music apps for kids. 

This game is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for only $3.99.

Sesame Street: Elmo’s Musical Monsterpiece


Elmo’s Musical Monsterpiece is not your typical music app. It is a new game for Nintendo Wii and DS that lets kids rock out with their most beloved Sesame Street characters. Kiddos will also enjoy engaging in activities that promote dancing and musical creativity. 

The game also incorporates some activities that can improve your children’s math skills. The music in the game comes from eclectic Los Angeles band Ozomatli, who uses a variety of music styles, which is ideal for kids who need a lot of variety. 

Elmo’s Musical Monsterpiece game is available on Amazon. You can get it as low as $27.99. 

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Has the list above sounded perfect or did it miss a beat? Give these music apps a spin. Our comments section is open for your thoughts on the music apps we have listed here. 

Or, if you have other music apps recommendations, we’d be very happy to hear from you. 

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My child wants to stream music. What apps can you recommend?

Youtube Kids is a child-friendly app where kids can stream music and watch videos, all of which are safe for young viewers and listeners. Spotify is another excellent music streaming app. You can set it to Private so you can take more control of what your kids listen to. 

What apps can you use to make a song?

Toca Dance, Bandimal, and Loopimal are just a few of the music-making apps.

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