Top 10 Piano Apps For iPhone And iPad

Top 10 Piano Apps For iPhone And iPad

Looking for piano apps for iPhone and iPad? Why would you need piano apps for iPhone and iPad? Can these piano apps for iPhone and iPad work on Android devices too?

Well, we’ve got a list of the top 10 best piano apps for iPhone and iPad right here.  

The piano apps for iPhone and iPad that we’ve compiled work with all iOS devices. Some work on Android devices but this one is primarily for Apple users. Maybe we’ll come up with another list for that. In the meantime, you can always find those apps on our resources page.   

Now, why would you need piano apps for iPhone and iPad? Can’t you just get a regular old electronic keyboard and learn through that?

Many people want to learn how to play the piano. The only problem is that these instruments sometimes cost more than they’re willing to invest initially to learn a musical instrument. The most basic keyboard costs around $100 to $200 dollars and those don’t sound as good as let’s say a $1000 to $2000 and up piano.

Downloading these piano apps for iPhone and iPad is a more cost-efficient way to get your hands on the instrument without sacrificing sound quality and usability. The only downside to this is that there’s no tactile response like those from actual keys.

Still, if you stick with it long enough, you should be able to learn a few things and finally make up your mind on buying an actual piano for more enjoyment.

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Learning Piano For Beginners

Music is an art that requires discipline and devotion. You might have seen a famous musician play and thought to yourself that you could never achieve what they do on their instruments.

Child Learning Piano
Child Learning Piano

The thing is, they started out just like you, with zero to no knowledge of music theory and very little physical skills to actually play. What made them successful is the time and effort they put into learning music and playing an actual instrument.

So open your mind to learning and put in at least a few minutes or hours to playing piano and you’ll soon have the skills world-class performers have. They’ve put in at least a thousand hours of practice with the best racking up ten thousand hours to get really good.

If you start today, you can easily put in 60 to 120 hours of practice per month and get closer to those numbers.

These piano apps for iPhone and iPad are designed to make that learning process faster. These can easily help you learn how to read music, build technique, and provide a progress report as you go along.

Ok, time to get some learning on. Check out the top 10 piano apps for iPhone and iPad below:

Baby Piano For Kids & Toddlers

Android, iPad, iPhone

The name says it all,

best piano apps Baby Piano For Kids And Toddlers Logo
Baby Piano For Kids And Toddlers Logo

Start ‘em young. Teaching very young children how to appreciate and play music is a good step in the right direction. This will teach them how to develop their basic music skills, increase their creativity, and instill some discipline that will benefit them in the future.

Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is perfectly suited for children aged 1 to 6 years old.

Aside from piano, this app includes bells, drums, the flute, guitar, harmonica, tambourine, and the trumpet. There are games they can play that will increase their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and music learning abilities.


Android, iPad, iPhone

Top 10 Piano Apps For iPhone And iPad
Top 10 Piano Apps For iPhone And iPad

One of the best ways to learn the piano is by playing along with songs you love. This app lets you do that and more!

FlowKey also has a series of courses aimed to help students with their understanding of music theory. It is a logical sequence of lessons that can help you speed up your musical development, accelerate your progression in building technique, and help you understand the relationship between notes and chords.

It’s a very nice app and at the end of the day, you get to create and play a whole repertoire of songs.  

Magic Piano By Smule

Android, iPad, iPhone

best piano apps Smule

There are many ways to encourage beginners on how to become more interested in playing the piano. One way is to build a game and track their progress through badges and achievements.

That’s what Magic Piano by Smule aims to do.

All you have to do is follow the keys that light up as the song progresses. You basically learn how to play the piano and develop a repertoire of songs that your audience will love. The songs on this app are updated on a regular basis so you’ll never run out of things to play.

For more challenges, set the difficulty level to further increase your skills. You can also create your own songs and upload them to the web.

Mussila Music School

Android, iPad, iPhone

Mussila Music School Logo

Older children aged 6 to 11 can progress from using the first app we presented (Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers) to this one.

The basic interface looks the same and is still filled with graphics that appeal to children. It follows the musical journey of the band Mussila. This helps children progress through music lessons in a fun way. It also allows children to record their own music by playing piano notes.

Note Quest: Learn Piano Fast

iPad, iPhone

Learn Piano Fast?

Is it possible?

Note Quest

Well, yes of course, but your devotion and discipline will also play a part in your progress.

This app will help you as much as you can whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. There are levels to this engaging app that push you in the right direction to get really good at playing the piano.

This can be used as a teaching tool for beginners, teachers, and seasoned pros. You can also use this for practicing your skills during your downtime. And that makes this an incredible addition to the top 10 apps for iPhone and iPad list.

Perfect Piano

Android, iPad, iPhone

What makes Perfect Piano perfect?

Best Piano Apps Perfect Piano
Perfect. Piano. Perfect Piano

Well, a high level of interactive features is one good way to do that and that’s what Perfect Piano offers.

You can choose the level that you play in from easy to medium to hard. Aside from that, you can choose from very realistic replications of sounds like a Grand Piano, Synthesizer, and others.

And here’s another fun feature: you can choose the layout of the keys on your screen.

You can have it in:

  • Single Row Mode – for solo playing. This limits you to a single octave or a linear approach to playing with a limited number of notes.
  • Dual Row Mode – this gives you more keys to play with. With two rows, you have more playing options or keys to play with which is perfect for two-handed playing.
  • Two-Player Mode – this allows two people to play simultaneously on one screen.

Piano – Play Unlimited Songs

iPad, iPhone

best piano apps - Piano
You Can Play An Unlimited Number Of Songs With This App.

This is perhaps the aptest app to include in this list. You can’t go wrong with a name like that. It just says Piano. And you can play an unlimited number of songs with it.

This app by Yokee is very user-friendly, easy to use, and highly interactive as you play it with friends and see who can play a song better. There’s an endless amount of songs added daily and the lessons are easy to learn, helping you progress faster.

Simply Piano By JoyTunes

Android, iPad, iPhone

Simple. Effective.

Best Piano Apps - Simply Piano
Simply Piano. Simple But Really Good!

That’s the beauty of Simply Piano. Just look at that logo, it’s very clean and simple. Just like the app itself.

That’s why it’s so popular.

You can start out as an absolute beginner and unlock more courses as you progress until you become an intermediate or pro pianist. Once you’ve got the basic grasp of how to play the piano, you can unlock the library of songs and play along to those tunes.

As an app, it’s complete as a learning tool and a repertoire builder.

All of that in an app that looks so clean, so simple, and yet, so effective.

Skoove: Learn Piano

iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Other Pianos

19 courses. 400 piano lessons. Still growing.

Best Piano Apps - Skoove
Skoove Helps You Get Into The Groove

That should be more than enough for anyone who’s interested to learn piano inside out.

This is perfect for all skill levels from absolute beginners who know nothing about the piano to experienced pros who’re looking for ways to improve while away from their actual instrument.

Skoove recognizes the notes you play and tells you how to improve. There are real piano instructors who will help you along the way by answering your questions.

The beauty about Skoove is you’re not just limited to your iOS device, you can hook it up to a PC or an actual piano too!


Android, iPad, iPhone

This is probably the most popular app on this list seeing as everyone, from beginners to pros, have this on their phones and other mobile devices.

Yousician Makes You A Musician

This is a highly interactive app that helps musicians of all skill levels to become even better at playing the piano.

  • Choose Your Skill Level – You don’t necessarily have to start as a beginner with this app. You can choose your skill level and the app will adjust the lessons to help you advance to the next level.
  • Practice Mode – this slows the song down to a playable speed for you.
  • Learn Songs In Parts – You can also divide songs into smaller parts so you can learn them in chunks before combining them as a whole.
  • Learn Guitar And Ukelele Too – Aside from learning piano, you can learn how to play guitar and ukulele with this app.

In Conclusion:

The top 10 piano apps for iPhone and iPad that we’ve listed above are targeted for all levels. You can start off as an absolute beginner or enjoy creating music anywhere you want as a pro-level player with a piano conveniently stashed in your pocket.

The beauty of having piano apps for iPhone and iPad is the convenience of having a musical instrument with you at all times. Your phone barely takes up space in your bag or your pockets so musical ideas or learning opportunities can always be taken advantage of wherever and whenever the inspiration hits.

Download these apps now and have a great time learning and playing the piano! Enjoy!

Related Questions:

Can I Hook My iPhone Or iPad Up To Speakers And Entertain A Crowd?

Yes. Some professional artists have actually done that. The same concept of hooking it up to headphones and enjoying it by yourself applies to external speakers so you can entertain others while playing the piano. The only setback this poses is the limited space on your screen when you play.

Can I Record My Tracks On GarageBand?

Yes. Recording piano tracks on iPhone and iPad and then exporting it to GarageBand is actually one way to keep your musical ideas with you all the time. The convenience of having these apps in your iOS device is that you can store these ideas and work on them once you’re in a proper studio or at home,

Can I Record Tracks And Then Use Them As Background Music For My Social Media Posts?

Yes. You definitely can. Now you don’t have to be stuck with stock music offered by most social apps for your posts. You can easily compose the music you need, clip it to the desired length, and attach it to your slideshows or videos. Now that’s one great way to totally create unique and personalized posts for your fans, followers, family, and friends.

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