Top 13 Apps to Learn the Spanish Language

How do you and your kids spend your time together? Children are stuck at home and take online classes, while parents work from home or are furloughed. Families now have more time together at home, and kids and parents can use this time to learn the Spanish language. 

Most of us feel overwhelmed when we think about the idea of learning a new language. There are just too many words to learn and grammar rules to remember. The good news is that there are now numerous apps to learn the Spanish language. 

These apps are carefully designed to make learning Spanish less difficult. Some apps are designed for kids, and some have different difficulty levels intended for users of any age. 

The number of language apps in the market is too enormous, so we’ve picked the 12 best apps to learn the Spanish language for you. 


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For: ages 2 to 11

Zoolingo is a top-notch educational app to learn the Spanish language. Kids will enjoy learning Spanish using this app. With Zoolingo, they’ll be introduced to the ABCs, 123s, shapes, measurements, and colors in Spanish.

Aside from learning the basics, kids will also enjoy playing over 1000 games and puzzles. They can also sing along to various nursery rhymes. This app is not just available in Spanish but in 15 other languages, including Japanese, French, Danish, Italian, and more. 

Zoolingo is an all-in-one app. It’s interactive, vivid, and super engaging.

Here’s what others had to say about this app:

“I often babysit my 6 year old sister and we practice Spanish together. She usually asks a ton of questions. But now I can tell her to learn some vocab words and come in 30 minutes so I can quiz hr. Zoolingo buys me at least an hour every day when I can do what I want, finally!”

— A Grateful Big Sis, Canada

“I was a bit afraid of having my four-year-old granddaughter playing too much phone games, so I made it a habit of playing with her for half an hour every day. After a few days, she surprised me by counting to five in Spanish! None of us speak Spanish at home and she seems to enjoy it, so we now learn and play with Zoolingo in the mornings and in the evenings. We’re even thinking about preschool Spanish classes for her!”

— Ann Loxley, Liverpool

Now is the best time to motivate your kids to learn the Spanish language! Learn more about what Zoolingo has in store for you and your kids by visiting the Zoolingo official website



For: kids and adults

Memrise has one goal: to help everyone learn a language the fastest way possible. And it’s not only a language app but also an all-in-one web and mobile app that can help you towards memorizing phrases, words, and vocabulary. Plus, it covers a lot of subjects, such as economics, science, math, and so forth. 

This app functions much like a gamified flashcard app, a technique proven to be effective in enhancing visual memory, thus making it easier to learn Spanish. 

Here’s what others had to say about Memrise:

“I’m a high intermediate Spanish learner and I’m finding Memrise great for improving my vocabulary! The lessons are short and fun. It’s easy because it’s very incremental with lots of repetition. I use Memrise as a fun reward after doing harder lessons elsewhere.”

— Shari Allgood


For: teens and adults

It would be a mistake not to include Duolingo among the best apps to learn the Spanish language. Duolingo excels in so many things that you’ll never fall short of reasons to love this language app. 

Although Duolingo is not a stand-alone language course, there’s no doubt that it’s a good addition to a learner’s toolbox. 

Spanish is just one of the many languages that you can learn using Duolingo. You may download the Duolingo app or use the web version. 

The lessons are gamified to make it engaging, exciting, and addictive. Also, it would take only five minutes of your day to complete the lessons. 

Here’s what others had to say about Duolingo:

“I love this app! I am learning 3 languages right now. Latin, Gaelic, and Spanish. I love that there are so many different languages to choose from. Even if you don’t pay for duolingo, there is not a ridiculous amount of ads. The lessons are just challenging enough and really help you understand not only the meaning, but the pronunciation of the words!”

— Caroline Hahn

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For: teens and adults

Immerse yourself in fun and engaging language learning using FluentU. This is one of the best apps to learn the Spanish language and for several reasons. You will learn Spanish through interactive videos. It’s easy to use and always improving. 

Here’s what others had to say about FluentU:

“I tried FluentU several years ago and thought it was interesting but was never really hooked on it and went on to other sites and forms of improving my Spanish. Now with the stay at home situation, I thought I would give it another look. This site has made major improvements in my opinion from its initial start up. I am very excited to make this my go to learning site for improving my Spanish. If this doesn’t improve my language abilities it will be from my lack of effort. It is engaging, fun, addictive,and interactive. Thank you fluentU , so glad I give you a second look.”

— committed learner
Photo credits: Pinterest.com; Lynn Kistler

Cat Spanish

For: teens and adults

If you love Cats and Spanish, then this is definitely the app for you. Cat Spanish uses cat pics to help you learn and improve your Spanish language skills. And for that, we can say this is one of the best apps to learn the Spanish language. 

This might surprise you: Cat Spanish is a product of Memrise. Hence, you can expect just as effective language learning techniques with this app. 

The cuteness of the cats improves cognitive function as the photos are used as visual mnemonics. 

What others had to say about Cat Spanish:

“The creators of this app decided to take a creative and humorous approach to help cat lovers improve their Spanish skills. While using it, users will learn common phrases and words with the help of amusing cat themed pictures.”

— Eric Vargas


For: kids, teens, and adults

Are you thinking about traveling to a Spanish-speaking country? Get the MindSnacks Spanish app to build your vocabulary and boost your conversation skills. You can learn Spanish words, pronouns and their usage, as well as the conjugation of -er, -ar, and -ir verbs. 

MindSnacks Spanish has 50 levels to master, over 40 hours of fun content, and over 1000 words to learn. 

Here’s what others had to say about MindSnacks:

“This app is absolutely brilliant! I cannot even make this up. It is the best app on my phone. I haven taken 3 years of Spanish in high school I know how to read/write it pretty well but my only problem is not trying to fully immerse myself in the language. I need to familiarize myself with it every day & also trying to speak it. With this app I could easily pick up right where I left off in high school. One day, I hope I can be fluent. On another note I really liked would have enjoyed the geography app if they would have updated it. I would LOVE to see a History (World, by Continent, or just US) mindsnacks and maybe even an LSAT one! Don’t ever let these apps die.”

— missisrobinson


For: teens and adults

Whatever your reasons are for learning Spanish, StudyBlue’s got your back. As among the simplest yet powerful apps to learn the Spanish language, StudyBlue uses flashcards to help you towards widening your Spanish vocabulary. 

And the best part is that you can share your flashcards with your classmates or teachers. 

Here’s what others had to say about StudyBlue:

“I love this app!! Keeps track of how you’re doing.. can focus on the ones you get wrong.. couldn’t be happier with this program!! A++”

— Veronica Jewell


For: kids, teens, and adults

Busuu is an award-winning app with a design that makes learning and mastering Spanish and other languages easier, effective, and more entertaining. With the help of Busuu, you can widen your vocabulary and improve your conversational skills, so you can have better conversations with friends and loved ones. 

This language learning app is made accessible to all levels. And you can expect good results as this app was developed by a team of experts. 

With Busuu, you’ll learn not just Spanish but other languages as well. 

Here’s what others had to say about Busuu:

“This is the best app I’ve tried for learning Spanish. I like Duolingo better for learning vocabulary, because it forces you to practice a bit more and it’s more enjoyable (not to mention, it’s free), but Busuu is most like the college course I took in Spanish. It is a great review of grammar rules, and it’s a very useful tool.”

— Michelle Me
Photo credit: fluentu.com

Gritty Spanish

For: teens and adults

What better way to learn Spanish than listening to real speakers — actresses and voice actors in real situations. Gritty Spanish lets you listen to fun and engaging audio stories voiced by eccentric Spanish speakers, so not only you can improve your vocabulary but your comprehension, too. 

Here’s what others had to say about Gritty Spanish:

“A non boring way to learn another language. The scenario in the app are very unique and interesting!! Awesome job!!!”

— Raymond Borden


For: students and adults

Using adaptive flashcards, Brainscape aims to help learners to immerse themselves in language learning. Smart flashcards have been proven to double the learning speed, and that’s exactly what Brainscape wants for you. 

This app also uses spaced repetition — a proven cognitive science. The exposure of the flashcards is within exactly the right interval for your brain. 

“I’ve been using Brainscape since 2013. It’s a great app to increase memorization and learning. Their flashcard algorithm maximizes fast and easy memorization. They also have a wide range of card collections: Latin, GRE vocabulary, Geography, Music Theory (including Ear Trainers!), Spanish, French and many more. It’s a great way to learn basic vocabulary for a language. Also to study for exams such as the MCAT and CPA. They are also an excellent company with good practices. I recently had an issue with them and it was resolved quickly and easily with excellent communication. Highly recommended.”


Kids YAY

For: kids ages 2 to 8

There’s no question about why Kids Yay is among the perfect apps to learn the Spanish language. This is a pressure-free app that allows the learners to learn at their own pace. 

Kids Yay helps children learn basic Spanish words through fun and interactive gamified activities. It has no pop-up ads, which guarantees this is a child-friendly app. 

Here’s what others had to say about Kids YAY:

“It’s a good app, Spanish beginners friend for anyone and not just for kids.”

— beejoe diamond


For: teens and adults

Get fluent in Spanish with the help of Memory. This web course uses different techniques to ensure all users learn Spanish the most effective way. You can learn by typing, multiple-choice, flashcards, speaking, listening, or a mix of all modes. Then, you can put your skills to test and practice what you have learned. 

There are other languages you can learn with Memory, such as French, German, Korean, and Italian. 

Here’s what others had to say about Memory:

“It’s a vital experience that widens my horizons. It challenges some of the misconceived chunks of knowledge. It introduces one to ever so widening world arouses curiosity and compels one to read and keep abreast of modern knowledge.”

— Sham Naib


For: kids and adults

Tinycards helps you prepare for tests and memorize vocabulary using fun and engaging flashcards. This language learning app uses spaced repetition and other effective learning techniques to help you remember new material. 

You can pick from a variety of ready-made collections or create your own deck. You can even share them with your friends! 

Here’s what others had to say about Tinycards:

“As A THREE TIME LOSER… to traditional Spanish classes, at 66, I am delighted to discover I CAN learn Spanish! I can repeat lessons I think/know I need to repeat….and then move on when I am comfortable with my use/knowledge. It’s a bit tougher for me after having a small stroke. The words I try to spell, get mixed up, even though I KNOW the word I want…I am having trouble spelling in Spanish. But I am delighted WITH my progress!”

— 1stCeye

Related Questions

How can I learn Spanish by myself?

We highly recommend spending at least an hour a day on grammar exercises. Reading, underlining, and looking up new words can help you progress faster. Watching movies and listening to the radio in the Spanish language can also help you improve your comprehension skills. 

How can I help my child learn Spanish?

If you know how to speak Spanish, we encourage you to speak it too. Help your child keep a schedule, and find them age-appropriate language apps that can help throughout their learning process. Consider apps like Zoolingo or Tinycards. 

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