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10 best singing apps for music students

You’re stuck at home away from your vocal coach. Now, you’re probably wondering, “What are the best singing apps I can use on my own?”

If you’re looking for the best singing apps, we did the hard work for you. We listed Voco Vocal Coach, Vox Tools, Swiftscales Vocal Trainer, Learn to Sing, Warm Me Up!, and more.

Don’t get us wrong—these singing apps could never replace human voice coaches. After all, these people are helming young guns that become the Adeles, Ariana Grandes, and Beyonces of this world. 

However, in uncertain times like now, budding songbirds like you have to be practical. You have to take advantage of the convenience that the best singing apps can bring. 

Don’t miss out on the added value that these apps can give you. Find out which of the apps below might suit your needs.  

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Best singing apps for music students

These apps will not only help you sing but also make you more productive, streamlined, and focused. 

Voco Vocal Coach - best singing apps

VoCo Vocal Coach

Available on iOS devices

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Even legends like Adele and Mariah Carey are not safe from vocal problems. Good thing they can afford expensive human vocal coaches. Now, how can you cope with your regular vocal troubles? 

Enter VoCo Vocal Coach, one of the most powerful if not best singing apps you could use for free. 

This is an app made for singers, students, and professionals who want to improve their pitch, tone, control, and style. VoCo offers industry-grade exercises, scales, and arpeggios scales. The latter is apparently ten times more helpful in enhancing your vocal range. 

On VoCo, you can adjust the playback pitch based on the type of your voice, change the playback speed, create playlists, adjust the length of exercises, refine the starting pitch’s tune, and more. It also supports four learning approaches: Vicarious, Experiential, Systematic, and Diagnostic.  

You can use VoCo in your voice lessons or sessions with a vocal coach. 

Vox Tools

Available on iOS and Android 

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Vox Tools is designed by singers for singers. In fact, it’s developed by professionals certified in mastering the Speech Level Singing vocal technique. But that’s just one of the features that make Vox Tools one of the best singing apps today. 

On Vox Tools, you can practice using the audio examples of the guided training section. The app also caters to men and women’s voices, lets you record voice clips, and even lets you play a virtual piano. 

Vox Tools is well-revered for its flexibility. Singers love that they can customize the free training that comes with it. 

SWIFTSCALES Vocal Trainer - best singing apps

Swiftscales Vocal Trainer

Available on iOS and Android 

Prices: Free version and Pro upgrade 

Another one of the most unique, best singing apps out there is Swiftscales.

It’s a vocal coaching app that singers, students, and coaches themselves can definitely rely on. It is a pioneer of simulating a piano with a vocal coach beside you—so much so that it’s interface has a piano, complete with 88 keys. 

On Swiftscales, you can choose to practice sessions as a beginner, intermediate, or pro. You can also customize those sessions’ difficulty, real-time option and scale patterns. 

It also comes with helpful content like audio samples, video tutorials, reading and exercises for newbies, and bits of guidelines on the app’s interface. 

If you’re the type of person who switches between laptop, tablet, and smartphone, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Swiftscales supports any device. 

Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons - best singing apps

Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons

Available on iOS and Android

Prices:  Free and paid memberships

Can’t afford a vocal coach or voice lessons in the meantime? Well, you can learn to sing on Learn to Sing. 

Learn to Sing is one of the best singing apps that detects your pitch in real-time. This feature can help you fine-tune your pitch faster. 

With the app’s 1000+ exercises and a progress tracking feature, you can focus on training your ear and strengthening your voice control. The exercises will particularly help you warm-up, practice your vocal range, and sing songs. 

There are many perks on the app, as well. For one, it allows you to apply studio effects when you want to sing in karaoke. You can customize your songs by adding images and share them with your family and friends. 

There’s also a feature that lets you access sing-along songs from your iTunes music library. 

Learn to Sing is a reliable companion for those who are just starting out to achieve their dream of singing. 

Warm Me Up - best singing apps

Warm Me Up! For Singers

Available on iOS and Android 

Price: $5.99

Warm Me Up! for Singers is up there in the best singing apps for serious singers—who are even more serious about vocal warm-ups. We’re talking about musical theater kids who have been in Mamma Mia and Les Miserables.

The app has up to 50 vocal exercises tailored to your voice type: High and Low Male, or High and Low Female. These exercises are then further divided into five categories: Gentle Start, Getting Warmer, Extending the Range, Mouth Workout, and Tuned Up.  

Its name isn’t also random. The app allows you to create and customize warm-ups based on your time availability and the tracks you want to sing. There’s also a simulated grand and a professional singer who can give guidance in the first two repeats. 

Warm Me Up! is a classic tool you’d want if you’re serious about becoming a singer.

Vanido - best singing apps

Vanido: Learn to Sing

Available on iOS  

Paid and yearly or monthly subscriptions

Vanido is one of the best singing apps for aspiring singers who want daily lessons and a lot of customization. Tracking your progress and improving your voice is also easy on this app. 

On Vanido, you can start slow by customizing each training session to your vocal range. 

Besides the daily sessions, you can sing your heart away to the goal-based exercises. Each of these aims to improve an element such as your chest voice, flexibility, or head voice.

The app provides real-time feedback on your pitch as you sing. As for the look, it has a clean User Interface (UI), which makes it engaging to use. 

Overall, Vanido is a good app. It can help you stay on track with improving your singing voice.

Pocket Pitch

Pocket Pitch

Available on iOS 

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Who needs a pitch pipe when you can install this app for free? If you’re a singer-songwriter who also pays instrument, you have to try this app.

Pocket Pitch is your very own pitch pipe on a smartphone. 

With this app, you can practice anywhere, especially when you don’t have your instrument. It has a keyboard with 6 octaves of pitches for your warm-ups. Many users praised its genuine electric piano sound. You can also see each note you’re playing on the Pitch section. 

This is one of the best singing apps for musicians and singers who want practicality in their daily life.

Singing Vocal Warm Ups

‎Singing Vocal Warm-Ups – Singer’s Friend

Available on Android devices

Price: $3.99

‎Singing Vocal Warm-Ups – Singer’s Friend is another topnotcher in this list of the best singing apps. Professional and intermediate singers will especially love this. 

The app features 16 scale patterns and piano sounds, which is ideal for when you’re practicing on your own. You can also work based on your vocal range, and change the speed of the notes. There’s also a feature that lets you focus on a passage area. 

The app’s interface, meanwhile, has that classy metallic look that will remind you of working in a studio. 

Those features altogether make it easy for you to sharpen your technique. 


StarMaker – Sing Karaoke Songs

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Now, let’s talk about this feel-good, casual singing app. StarMaker gamifies those karaoke sessions you do for fun. It’s ideal if you want to practice your singing and have fun at the same time. 

This app includes hit songs edited in karaoke style, which you can sing for free. StarMaker has a pretty huge database of songs, which is why many users revere it.

After you belted out to a song, you can make it even sound better by adding voice effects and editing the record itself. There’s also a feature called “Hook” that lets you sing certain parts of a song only.

You could say this is one of those social networking sites for singers and wanna-be singers. It lets you duet with your friends, and comment or like on their recordings.


Smule – The Social Singing App

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Smule is one of the more popular apps on this list. The main reason is that it’s akin to a social media networking site for singers, casual or not. So, if you want to take a break from practicing seriously, you could use this app without compromising your craft. 

Like StarMaker, the app has a huge database of royalty-free hit songs. The app allows you to sing solo, do duets with friends, and perform live to the public. You can also make music videos and edit them. There are also voice effects if you’re feeling vain about your pitch or tone. 

One more fun feature of Smule is that you can duet with your favorite stars. 

If you want to let loose and socialize with other music enthusiasts, you could sing on Smule.

Final thoughts

There are more unique, comprehensive singing apps you can use today. These are just a few of them. So, don’t hesitate to launch your App Store or Google Play Store and try one of the ones we listed above. Good luck!

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What is the best learn-to-sing app on Android?

We highly recommend you use Vox Tools and Swiftscales.

What’s a singing app that makes you sound good?

Voloco is an app that enhances your audio clips to make it sound pitch-perfect.

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