12 iPhone Filmmaking Equipment For Aspiring Content Creators

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With the continuous rise of social media platforms like TikTok, on-the-go professional content creation using an iPhone has become a necessity for aspiring influencers and content creators.

You may be one of those aspiring influencers, and we’re here to help you out by providing a list of the top 12 professional iPhone filmmaking equipment.

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Best Professional iPhone Filmmaking Equipment

When talking about professional equipment, it’s almost synonymous with being expensive. And for good reasons, expensive professional equipment produces amazing videos.

But fear not, the items in the list of professional equipment below are affordable but still aids in producing great film results and serves as effective tools for those who are just starting out. The list consists of an assortment of essential tools like lighting, portable audio interface, microphones, gimbals, and lenses. Let’s get into it.

Movo HUGE iPhone Video Production Kit V8

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Priced at $300, this video production kit from Movo is a complete video bundle ideal for both vlogging and live streaming. It consists of 11 pieces of equipment which we’ll talk about in detail.

At the heart of this bundle is the PR-1 Smartphone Rig. It looks like a selfie stick, but the phone is attached in the middle. At the bottom of the rig, you’ll find the rubberized grip handle, which can be replaced with a tripod. And on top of the rig, you’ll find the accessory shoe where you can attach mics and lights.

As for the microphones included in this kit, there are 4 different types that you can use for different applications. The WMIC50 Wireless Lav Mic System and MA2010 Mini Mic are ideal for capturing audio during vlogging and other outdoor adventures. For a more formal setting like documentaries and interviews, you can use the VXR10 Shotgun Mic and the VXR20 360 Mic. 

Other accessories in the bundle include an LED light, a shoe extender that provides additional mounting space for other mics and accessories, a Bluetooth remote, a TRS-TRRS adapter cable, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Viewflex VF-H7 iPhone Video Rig

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Now if you are the type of content creator that has a dedicated videographer, then the Viewflex VF-H7, which is a flexible dual grip video rig, is for you. 

This bundle includes an iPhone clamp, 2 electronic handles, 2 connecting rods, a Bluetooth remote control, an LED light, and a microphone. 

The video rig is broken down into components because the VF-H7 was designed with flexibility in mind. For example, you can combine all the electronic handles and connecting rods together to form a single, dual video grip. But you can also use the electronic handles individually as a selfie stick.

To speed up your filmmaking process, the Viewflex VF-H7 features a one-touch control centered around its detachable Bluetooth remote control.

Inclusive accessories in the bundle are a mix of good and bad. The phone clamp is very durable and can support any type of iPhone as long as its width is between 2.16 inches to 3.93 inches. However, the LED light performs poorly. Although the included microphone performs decently, it still runs using a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack. So, you’ll need to use a dongle for iPhone that doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Switti RGB Video Light

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Lighting plays an essential role in producing the intended outcome of filmmaking. But lighting doesn’t have to be costly to produce great results. That is why we recommend using the Switti RGB Video light. For only $250, you’ll get a complete lighting kit that can work for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Included in the lighting kit are 2 RGB lights, 2 adjustable tripods, 2 power adapters, 2 softboxes, 2 white filters, and 1 carrying bag.

The RGB lights included are all LED and can produce 7000 lux at a distance of 0.5 meters. It can operate from 2600K-10000K of color temperature and 0-360 color gamut. This will give you the flexibility to work with warm or cool colors to create various effects.

Aside from the flexibility with the light settings, the Switti RGB lights allow easy customization. Through the built-in control panels on its back, you can manually adjust the color temperature, brightness, and color gamut. This control system is also linked to each other using a 2.4GHz wireless connection, so you can use this to sync light settings or create successive lighting effects.

Pixel K80c RGB Video Light

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Now, if you’re looking for only an indoor type of filmmaking lighting, then this Pixel K80c RGB Video Light might be a better choice. Priced at $380, the Pixel K80c RGB Video Light Kit includes 3 RGB lights, 3 white filters, 3 power adapters, a wireless remote, and a large carrying bag.

Each RGB light uses up to 45 watts of power that produces 5500 lux at a distance of 0.5 meters. It can also operate from 0 to 360 color gamut and can adjust its color temperature within the 2600K-10000K range. 

The Pixel K80c is easily customizable using the built-in LCD controller at its back. From the panel, you can control the color gamut, color temperature, and brightness. There are also 9 lighting presets that you can use. 

When it comes to the build, the Pixel K80c is very durable. From the tripod, supporting u- brackets, and frame, everything is metal and feels very sturdy. The product design also integrates barn doors so you can control the light better. As for the tripod included, it can reach up to 6 feet, giving you more headroom to adjust the lighting configuration.

Saramonic SmartRig+DI Professional 2-Channel Audio Interface with XLR

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If you’re a filmmaker or content creator that usually creates outdoor music videos using your iPhone, then the Saramonic SmartRig+DI is for you. The Saramonic SmartRig+DI is a portable audio interface that has audio channels. Using this audio interface, you can connect all sorts of audio equipment such as microphones and instruments and send the signal into your iPhone.

This device has four inputs, 2 XLR-TRS combo inputs, and 2 auxiliary 3.5 mm inputs. Compared with using your phone or other soundcards, this a very big upgrade because it can power condenser microphones due to having a 48-volt phantom power supply.

For its output settings, you can select either mono or stereo options. Generally, mono settings work fine for interviews and vlogs. But for musical performances, stereo is the setting you’ll have to work with.

Although effective when recording, the Saramonic SmartRig+DI audio interface is not ideal for live streams because it doesn’t have built-in signal processing effects like compression and reverb.

AudioControl SA-4100i Microphone 

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Again this is for filmmakers who mostly create musical content. The AudioControl SA-4100i is an omnidirectional test and measurement microphone that helps analyze the acoustics of the surrounding environment, whether it’s a room or an open field.

After analyzing the sound of the environment, its generates data in the form of a spectral analysis that can be used to acoustically treat a room or use it to lessen background noise when filming.

The AudioControl SA-4100i is compatible with most iPhones, as well as the iPad Mini 2 and Air. It also has free software that you can download in the App Store.

Hohem iSteady Mobile+

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For dedicated filmmakers that are focused on featuring landscapes and sceneries, having a handheld gimbal stabilizer is a necessity. It steadies taken videos and can even follow a programmed view path to create a dramatic effect. 

Although it’s a very effective filmmaking tool, they are expensive. Some even cost $1000. That is why we recommend the Hohem iSteady 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. It’s the best bang for the buck that you can find in the market. For only $90, you’ll have access to all the essential gimbal features.

The heart of the Hohem iSteady Mobile+ is its mobile application, the Hohem Gimbal. This application syncs with the gyro of the phone as well as the camera. The Hohem app then coordinates this data with the motors of the gimbal, ensuring a steady video capture.

Regarding the hardware, the gimbal is made from high-strength nylon and glass fiber. Inside it, there are three motors on the Hohem that are responsible for panning, rolling, and tilting of the attached iPhone. 

Although there is a bit of a learning curve to effectively use this, it’s all worth it, especially for an aspiring content creator like you.

Torjim 60-inch Camera Tripod

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Having a tripod is another necessity for aspiring filmmakers and content creators. That is why we recommend this affordable yet trusty Torjim 60” tripod. For only $30, you’ll have a tripod made from aluminum alloy that can carry a 5 kg payload.

The Torjim tripod has a unique feature that is suitable for iPhone filmmakers, its wireless remote shutter connect. Upon connecting your iPhone to the tripod, you’ll be able to snap photos or capture videos using the included Bluetooth remote control in the bundle. 

Although sturdy and durable, the tripod is lightweight. The whole tripod kit is only 1.5 kg in total, very handy when you’re a content creator that frequently travels.

Beastgrip Pro

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The Beastgrip Pro is a smartphone rig specifically for iPhones. It’s shaped like a smartphone case but with a handgrip at the bottom and a threaded mount for filters and lens on its back.

The movable mount for lens and filters on its back allows you to attach different types of lens such as anamorphic and wide-angle. There are also built-in threads on its frame to accommodate a tripod, camera, and microphones.

For the materials used, the main body frame is made from anodized aluminum, and the moving parts are made from glass-filled nylon. Overall, it looks durable and rugged. This iPhone rig is compatible with all iPhones due to its clamping design. 

Moment Anamorphic Lens

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For aspiring iPhone filmmakers who want to create drama, Moment’s Anamorphic Lens might be what you need. This lens is available in two types: the Blue Flare and Gold Flare. 

What an anamorphic lens does is it forces every shot or video you take into a 16:9 wide aspect. Forcing this change in aspect ratio induces a wider field of view as well as inducing a very pronounced oval-shaped bokeh during shots. These effects create more drama and flare throughout a video which greatly improves the overall feel of every scene.

But not everyone likes the results of an anamorphic lens due to personal tastes, so it’s better to try it out first before buying. Also, this lens only works with Moment’s M-Series cases.

BeastGrip Pro 1.33X Anamorphic Lens

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Like what we’ve previously talked about, an anamorphic lens creates a dramatic effect by forcing or squeezing a shot or video into a certain aspect ratio. The BeastGrip Pro 1.33X Anamorphic Lens forces videos and photos into a 2.4:1 aspect ratio that adds an aesthetic look and flare.

The captured shots of the BeastGrip Pro 1.33X Anamorphic Lens will look squeezed or distorted on your gallery. But don’t worry, it’s not faulty. You’ll need to post-process it using third-party software like Desqueeze, FiLMic Pro, and Filmakr.

Again, you might not like the result of an anamorphic lens so it’s better to try it out before buying. Also, this lens only works with Beastgrip Pro and Beastcage.

Moment Wide Lens Attachment for iPhone

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This product is another great lens attachment from Moment that enables you to capture clear and crisp ultra-wide shots from your iPhone. So, this is an ideal attachment for content creators and filmmakers that mostly capture sceneries or landscapes.

What makes Moment Wide Lens great is that it solves the most prevalent problems with every iPhone’s wide-angle lens, which is distortion and loss of details due to its small glass lens. But since it’s not limited by form factor, since it’s an iPhone case attachment, distortion and loss of details are significantly minimized.

Although great as an attachment, please take note that this lens is only compatible with Moment’s M-Series Cases.

Final Thoughts

As an aspiring and beginner iPhone filmmaker, you don’t immediately need expensive professional equipment to create quality content. What you need to start are creativity, passion, and the right set of tools. To know what iPhone filmmaking equipment you need, consider your niche and budget. 

For example, if you create musical content then you might need an audio interface and a trusty microphone. When thinking of buying a microphone, think of whether you usually perform outdoors or indoors. If you’re usually creating content indoors, then a condenser microphone might suit your needs better. However for outdoor performances, then using a dynamic microphone is better. 

After considering your niche and needs, then consider how much budget you have. You don’t have to immediately buy the most expensive equipment, especially since you’re still a beginner content creator. 

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For established YouTubers, no, they use expensive professional filmmaking equipment that they’ve invested in as their following grows. But for aspiring content creators who are still starting out, most of them use their iPhones.

Which iPhone is best for filmmaking?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has all the capabilities suited for filmmaking: a large storage space (512GB), excellent camera specifications, impressive post-processing software, and large battery life.