All Digital School

Everything You Need to Start Confidently Teaching Online.

Are you a teacher, a parent, or a school administrator? The important role you’re playing in shaping young minds just got 10X more difficult in 2020.

  • You’re juggling in-class and online schooling, trying to figure out how to present the materials so they actually stick in the minds of kids.
  • You are also working with dozens of new educational tools and apps, but you have no idea what’s the golden standard others are using.
  • AND… you’re doing your best to design interesting, attention-grabbing lessons (but kids either worried, fidgety, or that Zoom keeps on freezing).

We’re educators, too – and we know exactly how frustrating all of this can be.

That’s why we created the All Digital School.

The ADS an online education resource platform that curates lesson plans, materials, and educational tech.

At the ADS, we have to goals we’re working on accomplishing:

  • Empowering educators and parents to deliver better, value-packed learning experiences for students...
  • And, helping creators of educational apps, tools, and websites connect & talk their users so they can serve them better.

Do You Own an Educational Tool, App, or a Website?

All Digital School can help you become a trusted & valued partner to thousands teachers and parents. The ADS certificate is a stamp of approval that guarantees worldwide recognition and exposure.

Start Your ADS Certification Process Today

Right now, the All Digital School is one of the world’s largest repositories of EDU materials, tools, and apps. These materials help thousands of teachers organize and run online and physical classrooms. Create lesson plans. Connect with students. And master software needed for everything to run smoothly.

1. Detailed guides for teachers and parents.

These comprehensive guides will focus on tools and resources for teaching online, where to find them, how to access them, and what are the free/low-cost alternatives.

2. One of the largest online directories of educational digital resources.

There are thousands of courses, classes, and tools out there that you can use to teach online. The trouble is – most teachers and parents don’t know about them. We’ve created a space where those resources are organized, searchable, and easily accessible.

This directory is divided into categories, grade/year levels, resource/tool type and price (including the free ones). Users can navigate through everything; filter out the results, and find what they are looking for. Also, you can add your own favorite resources/tools – our team will check them before approving your submission.

3. An online community forum for teachers and parents

Courses and classes are great… but they will only take you so far. That is why we’ve created a collaboration hub for teachers and parents. All you need to do to get access to this vibrant and growing community is register on ADS (it’s completely free)!

You can register for All Digital School for free via your Facebook account or Google account:

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