All Digital School Editors’ Picks

Week 16 Picks (November 8 – November 14, 2020)

Learning Ally

Blended learning in a pandemic could pose unique challenges to students with reading difficulties. That is why Learning Ally is truly an ally in this challenging time. It’s a tool that balances fun and training, plus it has features that help track the kids’ progress in improving their reading skills. Overall, Learning Ally should be a staple to any educator or parent’s app library.


Ryeboard is an essential tool in brainstorming and collaboration, whether you’re using it at home, at work, or at school. It helps teams keep up with a task’s context, while allowing them to explore as many ideas or solutions as they want. We especially recommend Ryeboard to teams who have just transitioned to remote working.

Calico Spanish

Calico Spanish is one of the most accessible remote Spanish learning tools for kids. Even better, children won’t feel like they’re just being spoonfed language lessons in this tool. They can enjoy educational stories, songs, and games, which will teach them fundamental and conversational Spanish.


NumBots is an award-winning addition and subtraction tool that is making waves in classrooms and homes. This app expertly develops kids’ maths fluency and retention, which are crucial foundations for advanced math skills. Whether you’re a teacher or a homeschooling parent, you can expect your kid to move on from counting to calculating at a fast rate with the help of NumBots.

Week 15 Picks (October 25 – October 31, 2020)

Solve It! For Kids

We highly recommend children to Solve It! For Kids because it’s a smart sneak peek into how real professionals solve real-world problems. This is a great way to unveil that cloak of intimidation that society often drapes over men and women of science. Through this, kids will see and realize science’s true purpose.


Early grade literacy is rarely mentioned in learning tools today. We’re impressed that Graphogame focuses on fostering that area. As an app, it comes with useful features for parents and teachers. And as a game, it doesn’t fall short in graphics and gameplay.

The Parenting Roundabout Podcast

Terri Mauro, Catherine Holecko, and Nicole Eredics toss their wit and wisdom into this parenting podcast. They know parents today so well that you’ll start thinking they’re reading your journals.

One Globe Kids

Kids need to socialize to create bonds and develop their emotional intelligence. But are online messaging platforms enough? Thankfully, such an elevated social platform like One Globe Kids exists. It’s more than just a messaging tool. Kids as young as 4 years old can expand their worldview by making friends with kids from other countries and learning their culture.

Week 14 Picks (October 18 – October 24, 2020)

Ace EdVenture Studio

In a sea of educational games, the ones from Ace EdVenture Studio easily stand out. Their top games, Chemcaper, Petticle Planet, and BonDing (a Chemistry card game)—all are complete with high-quality educational content, stunning graphics, and solid gameplay. Your students or kids will definitely have their eyes and minds glued to these Edventures.

Revision Buddies

Besides being organized, it’s important for a student to self-assess. That’s why we’re fascinated that such a tool like Revision Buddies exist. Students who are struggling to track their progress in GCSE subjects can now take a sigh of relief.

Wow in the World

Want a podcast that you’d really look forward to listening? You can check out Wow in the World. With engaging but highly informative content, your kids will giggle and indeed get “wowed” in many episodes.

Kids Academy

Early childhood education is largely about nurturing potential. Kids Academy embodies this with ease through their functionality and high-quality content. Whether you’re an educator or a beginner homeschooling parent, Kids Academy is an imperative tool for you and your kids’ online education journey.


With language-learning games that align with Cambridge English, Studycat seems to have it all. And it does! Studycat lets your kid learn all there that is to be learned about English and other languages, effectively and conveniently.

Burst Coloring Book for Android

Burt’s Coloring Book brings color and joy in one app with its easy-to-use interface, whimsical drawings, and smart coloring options. For small hands that need to get busy, it’s already more than entertaining. Plus it’s free!

Week 13 Picks (October 11 – October 17, 2020)


Lino is a practical and uncomplicated tool for educators on the move. Whether you work on your own or collaborate with students, Lino is essential for brainstorming.

The Learning Apps

The Learning Apps has commendable bundles of educational online games and apps for preschoolers. With different apps in one place, you won’t have trouble streamlining kids’ learning experience and tracking their progress.

Week 12 Picks (October 4 – October 10, 2020)


Gamifying is loosely used term these days. The truth is tools and apps shouldn’t only make lessons fun but also deeply inspiring. Seppo is one of these tools, and that’s why we highly recommend it to teachers who are looking to break the mold.


GamesForLanguage is a flexible, reliable tool for learning languages. What we like the most about it is that GFL doesn’t patronize beginners. While being newbie-friendly, the exercises pose a little challenge for the learners.


With the distance that comes with online learning, it’s only essential for students to learn self-management. Studyo is the ideal tool for that. Studyo has tools that can help students regulate their workload, studying time, and schedules.


As a system, NEO LMS can give your school admin a sigh of relief. Besides being packed with heaps of featurers, it’s uncomplicated to use, and, more importantly, easy to implement. This is an LMS you’d want for the long haul.

Kiwi Kids News

Kiwi Kids News is a great tool for fostering students’ interest in current events. Besides having newsworthy but relevant topics, the platform speaks students’ language. This will allow them to digest crucial information easier—and for that, we praise KKN.


With eye-catching graphics and undeniable functionality, Incredibox is more than hip. This surprisingly free app will be a solid tool for teaching music online. Kids will have a blast mixing and finding their very own style with Incredibox.


While being goal-centered, we like how EarlyLearn stimulates freedom and independence in their process. This is very much evident in the gameplays. Students can make their online learning experience more meaningful with a tool like EarlyLearn.


We like how the Kamkalima platform flawlessly caters to students, teachers, and administrators. Along with that, it also helps students practice their technical writing skills, which is essential in today’s increasingly becoming virtual world.

Week 11 Picks (September 27 – October 3, 2020)


Goosechase is the best tool to inspire creativity and bring camaraderie into your class or company staff. The way it can streamline a hectic activity like scavenger hunts is brilliant. Leading a team with Goosechase is definitely child’s play!

Week 10 Picks (September 20 – September 26, 2020)


We see so many foreign language-learning apps for adults, yet we rarely see an app designed for little kids. That’s why Little Chatterbox stands out. Our favorite part is the content itself—where older kids teach new words, while the younger kids learn from them and enjoy the games.


One2One is one of the most practical tools for schools that are transitioning to online education. While other tools aim to connect students and teachers together virtually, One2One solves grassroots problems such as device management, tracking, and assignments. Using One2One will have an impact on your schools’ digital learning experience.

Rocket Math

Rocket Math is one of the best online games that can help your child develop different math skills. As described by the name, Rocket Math uses an appealing space theme in their app, which makes the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for children. Rocket Math covers a wide range of math facts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so much more. Students go up in learning tracks as they achieve the required objective for each level.

Kobi App

For many kids, reading can be intimidating. This is where Kobi shines. It’s simple but efficient because it makes reading convenient and fun. Plus we also appreciate how it can let you import and scan books, and track your kid’s progress.


Playmeo is a go-to for people who miss the camaraderie in office team activities. It’s not all fun, though—there are also resources like videos, webinars, and downloads. We love how it believes in connection before content, which we believe is lacking in today’s virtual workplaces.

Moosiko Guitar Practice Tool

Whether you’re teaching guitar classes online or transitioning to virtual ones, you will go through fewer adjustments with Moosiko. This platform can let you track progress with no fuss. Plus we love how it fosters a student’s eagerness to learn on their own.

Week 9 Picks (September 13 – September 19, 2020)


Essayjack is one of those tools that actively help students think. Even better, with free smart essay outlines, it helps teachers foster independence in their students. This is definitely something English teachers would want to pin to their Favorites bar.

Week 8 Picks (September 6 – September 12, 2020)


If you are looking for the definition of “fun-learning experience” then Zoolingo is the best tool for you. With tons of fun and educational activities for kids available in 16 languages, you and your child can explore the world of numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors, and more in a fun family activity that will help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning and at the same time spend quality time with you!

ZShot App

If you are looking for an app that offers everything you need from editing videos, creating collages, editing photos, and slideshows and scanning documents, this app is IT! The zShot app is easy and convenient to use with its features designed to help you achieve that remarkable content in just a tap! It’s packed with all the tools you need for creating that masterpiece you need for work, school, or for all your social media accounts.


Like many other apps on this, Kikori solves learning problems in low-income schools that deserve the most attention. And for that, we applaud this platform. Kikori can help teachers streamline their classroom activities and, ultimately, help their students tap into their potential using experiential learning.


Panopreter is a reliable, no-nonsense text-to-speech platform. While the basic version is already helpful, we find the pro version highly comprehensive. If your students or kids have an oncoming heavy workload, we suggest getting the latter version.


The transitioning to teaching lessons online is already hard enough. How about teaching responsibility to kids? Good thing teachers and parents can use Dayscape. We appreciate how it teaches responsibility and time management to kids in a familiar but impactful way.

Spatial Vis

While it’s easy to find platforms for grading written documents, it’s the opposite for students’ drawings. This is where Spatial Vis comes in. It’s a helpful collaborating and feedback tool, especially for STEM and design teachers.

Week 7 Picks (August 30 – September 5, 2020)


Kids, especially toddlers, deserve a digital learning experience with no other motive than learning. Eduguru can give kids that experience with its no-ad and third-party app features. We also laud that Eduguru has eight separate apps for each of the UK National curriculum topics. 

Story Spectacular

We value storytelling and reading to children, and that’s why we love Story Spectacular. Adding this podcast to your nightly bedtime stories will be an upgrade. It’s a convenient way to foster a love for stories in your kids.


Ubbu gets a double thumbs-up from us because of its comprehensiveness and flexibility. Kids can easily share the platform, with or without internet connection. By overcoming that connection barrier from the get-go, they are well on their way to nurturing future coders and computer scientists.

Free Typing Games

Having access to typing platforms isn’t enough to teach kids to type well. You can help your kids enhance their typing skills with these free typing games. With constant playing a.k.a. practice, they will be typing book reports in no time with fewer typos.

FunExpected Math

It works just like how it sounds. FunExpected Math delivers both the fun and the crucial math learning. There’s a barrier to growth and learning, and that’s math anxiety. FunExpected Math is a savior in that department. It holds kids’ hands and leads them to believing that, “Hey, math is fun to learn after all.”

Woodpecker Learning

Woodpecker Learning’s genius lies in its ability of solving a simple but glaring problem. Foreign language won’t truly feel fulfilled unless they understand the nuances of another language. That’s why we highly commend this video player tool—learners can enjoy foreign shows and learn the nuances of another language at the same time.

Week 6 Picks (August 23 – August 29, 2020)


How MathICanDo focuses on usability is truly worth the praise. That particular focus makes the tool a good foundation for effective learning and collaborating. We also commend that it can be used by teachers, students, and STEM professionals.

Storyboard That

Storyboard That is essential for teaching busy, creative minds. The visual presentations you can make on this platform can easily engage a student who needs something beyond eBooks and online quizzes. So, if you’re a teacher who wants to spice up their online classes, Storyboard That!


We admire Blutick’s flexibility. It especially shines nowadays where teachers find it hard to provide individualized instructions. We also like how parents can be involved in keeping track of the students’ progress!


Students can easily self-assess with Mathchops and that is truly commendable. They can see where they need to improve through the stats report and then work on those using the AI-assisted games. This makes studying and practicing for standardized tests highly efficient, which is helpful today where resources and time can be limited.


It’s rare to find a free program with such a quality like Eduactiv8. We’re impressed with the comprehensiveness of the curriculum-based Math, Language, and memory-enhancing activities. If you’re a teacher new to distance learning, Educativ8 will be a life-saver.


Your students don’t always have to jump into using apps and desktop programs right away. This is where MozaWeb makes a difference.  Transitioning to online learning becomes easier with MozaWeb’s virtual, realistic books with 3d scenes. These will help kids ease into learning on virtual platforms.

Week 5 Picks (August 16 – August 22, 2020)

Devie Coach

Ever wish you can ask a parenting coach for advice in one tap anywhere, anytime? Well, start talking to Devie. She may not be real, but her answers are. You can get tips from Devie about parenting dilemmas and challenges, which are all based on scientific research and evidence.

Rufus Robot

We commend Rufus Robot’s empathetic approach to teaching kids with ASD. This is evident in their applications, where there’s a break between each lesson. We also like how their apps effectively demonstrate how to categorize, label, or differentiate objects.

With Socrates

Student growth is not linear. We like how Socrates made a learning platform that not only acknowledges that fact but also works around it. Students will love that the content will bend to their learning pace. Teachers, meanwhile, will find Socrates beneficial if they’re having difficulty individualizing instructions in online teaching.

Sora Reading App

As a no-cost content platform, Sora is already such a wonderful resource for teachers and students. It has an easy-to-access, rich digital collection of books for pleasure, instruction, or professional reading. This makes Sora crucial for schools transitioning to or from distance learning.


Group projects have always been complicated; but make them virtual and it’s a recipe for disaster. This is where Storillo saves the day. This tool effortlessly allows students to communicate better, take accountability for their contribution, and receive feedback from their teachers. 

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training is a fun game for the bona fide auditory learners. You will sharpen your listening skills, learn English quickly, and enjoy listening to trendy pop songs—all at the same time. If you’re a second language learner looking for a refreshing way to learn, this tool is for you.

Week 4 Picks (August 9 – August 15, 2020)


Sutori’s smart use of timelines for presentations is genius. Even better, teachers can add references, pre-reading activities, and quizzes to the slides. It’s time to ditch boring PowerPoint presentations and get a more practical platform like Sutori!


Everyone can learn how to code, but teachers have the most power to influence children to create and innovate. That is why we laud NSB/AppStudio for allowing teachers to create web and mobile apps for free. From us here at All Digital School, kudos to the team behind NSB/AppStudio!


Collisions is a refreshing way to level up Chemistry classes, especially if your students are distance learning. We like the enriching games that cover topics like ions, atoms, phase change, equilibrium, and many more. Collisions will help your students learn key concepts, apply their learning, and ace exams—even without the aid of a laboratory.


Who knew music can be used to teach dozens of critical life skills? We believe that WURRLYedu is a revolutionary music-teaching platform for educators and students. With intelligent features hinged on experiential learning, kids can develop important values and grow as dynamic artists using WURRLYedu.


Mathigon is a shining beacon in the world of mathematics apps. We love supporting platforms like Mathigon, which let students think critically, interact with the content, and solve problems. Its new content format will also engage students to learn math on their own and not just study it for compliance.

ASL Kids

Being developers of sign language apps, ASL Kids compiles a good list of the best sign language books today. It’s pretty comprehensive—you can find an ASL dictionary, a collection of a child’s first 100 words, and a book for babies that comes with a DVD.

Week 3 Picks (August 2 – August 8, 2020)


Gone are the days when you dread giving feedback to essays, papers, or quizzes. Keyset saves you a huge amount of time and effort with smart, customizable shortcuts. With one click on your keyboard, you can put feedback that has a sentence or two. You can even add a photo to the feedback!

Prosper Education Home

Prosper Education Home is indeed more than just an app. If you want your toddlers to develop English literacy at an early age, you can introduce them to this system. Besides that, kids can also learn important life skills and enjoy fun, educational activities.


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Children shouldn’t be scared to have fun with math. Good thing a tool like Zapzapmath exists. You can put some zing into your activities with their K-6 math games, which has well-crafted graphics and challenging gameplay.

Mini Money Management

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Teaching financial literacy to children through advice alone can be challenging; you’re going to need an app like Mini Money Management (MMM). Through experiential learning, kids can learn about budgeting, saving, spending on daily expenses, and even getting loans. Certainly, MMM’s most ideal benefit is teaching children that money is a limited resource.

Education Walkthrough

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Definitely a must-have for administrators and principals who want to simplify teacher evaluation. You can easily integrate your evaluation frameworks into the app and assess teachers anywhere. We also laud its clean, approachable interface, which makes the evaluation process faster and easier.

Scoutlier by Aecern

Scoutlier is one of our favorites because of its low-tech but high-use features. Teachers can easily create their own virtual activities or build them based on templates made by experts. They can also send it via email, text message, or Google Classroom—Scoutlier is that flexible!

Week 2 Picks (July 26 – August 1, 2020)


This tool works best in capturing information and help teachers get an idea of how students analyze essential information from a video. There are tons of awesome features but it is very easy to use and it has a huge library of templates to give users at any level a headstart to what they want to accomplish.


Youngzine is one of the best websites out there that could help a lot in making the children more aware and knowledgeable when it comes to current news and events in a simple, engaging, and interactive manner. It features young editors and kid members authoring content from jokes to commentary on recent news stories and all types of contests like news, quizzes, visual stories, and more!


Hey-kiddo is a great tool for improving the relationship between you and your child. The 3 weekly texts increasingly become something you look forward to receiving as the bond with your child grows stronger, and communication improves. It’s very easy to implement and doesn’t overload you with too many tasks all at once.


IKnowIt is an interactive math practice site for students in Kindergarten to fifth grade. It offers tons of questions covering all math curriculum from grades K-5 and allows students to practice their skills in Math. Teachers and parents can evaluate their progress as they go using a lot of options for assigning and reporting the children’s progress.

Phonics Hero

No child should be left behind when it comes to reading and spelling. Phonics Hero provides a fun and effective way to improve the phonetic skills of kids of all ages. With over 800 phonics games, Phonics Hero offers a fun-filled activity that will teach children to spell, read, and improve their vocabulary. With this app, you’d be happy to give your child the screen time your kid is asking for. 

Universe Sandbox

We love Universe Sandbox’s usability in physics and astronomy virtual lessons. The demos and illustrations will definitely engage students, especially those who are visual learners. In one word, we can describe Universe Sandbox as essential.

Week 1 Picks (July 19 – July 25, 2020)


Tales2Go is one of the easiest ways a student can increase their vocabularly. Giving students access to thousands of audiobooks is a wonderful way for them to learn without realizing they are doing more than listen to a great story. The high-level vocabularly found in audiobooks serves to drastically improve the reading comprehension and speaking ability of any child that is learning. Two thumbs up for this.

Rewire Education

Rewire is a game-changer in special ed. Kids can enjoy a fresh, distraction-free learning environment, while teachers can save hours of lesson planning and dollars spent on cards and paper. The lessons aligning with the VB-MAPP protocol is just a bonus!

Virtual Science

Many science teachers are worried about performing experiments virtually. But this is where Virtual Science shines. Students and teachers can perform 3d-rendered experiments without leaving their rooms or needing equipment. And for that we highly recommend it!

Kids Learn

It’s not easy to discount Kidz Learn. They have various learning apps for science, language, math, some of which you can access offline. If you need complementary tools for teaching your kids at home, you can definitely rely on these apps.


Smart, enriching, and engaging! We loved “living” as Henry David Thoreau and learning about science and humanities in Walden. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Wheel of Names

Wheel of Names is such a convenient tool for online contests or oral exams. You can put up to 500 names and add photos to the wheel in one click. We also like how it works offline.