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Top 20 Best Alphabet Apps for Children

The best alphabet apps teach more than just ABCs. They also teach phonics, basic spelling, and grammar. 

Hey, your kid isn’t too young to learn those things… But where can you find those apps?

The internet is filled with many smartphone applications, all claiming to teach your sons and daughters a thing or two. Choosing the right one can easily overwhelm a busy parent like you. 

To help you out, we’ve listed our top 20 alphabet apps that children can use on their own. 

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Top 20 Best Alphabet Apps

These 20 alphabet apps require little to no parental supervision. In no time, your little monsters will be chanting their ABCs to no end.

Zoolingo alphabet apps

Zoolingo by Mafooly 

iOS & Android | Free with in-app purchases

Zoolingo is one of the alphabet apps on this list that packs a punch. It has preschool games, puzzles, activities, and music. It teaches ABCs, letters, animals, nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, and more. On top of those is a cute monkey mascot named Moolingo. 

For its informative content and impeccable graphics, Zoolingo is well-revered by educators worldwide. Kids aged 2 years old and above can have unlimited fun and learn on Zoolingo. 

Get it on iOS and Android for free. 

Endless Alphabet - alphabet apps

Endless Alphabet

iOS & Android | $8.99

Endless Alphabet is one of the few “App Store’s Editor’s Choice” alphabet apps on our list. This crowd favorite helps kids learn their ABCs and build their vocabulary through interactive games. 

Through those games, your kids can learn 100 words with built-in definitions. The artwork on the app, meanwhile, is easy on the eyes. It’s simple but still fun to look at. 

Interactive Alphabet ABCs - alphabet apps

Interactive Alphabet ABC’s

iOS | $2.99

For kids who still coo, you can let them tinker with this app. Interactive Alphabet ABCs will teach toddlers as young as 1-year-olds. They can learn ABCs through a tap-and-touch experience. 

Meanwhile, for kids aged 2 years old and above, they can sing, type, and trace letters on this app, too. They can learn phonic and different English accents, and earn stars along the way.  You can also add your own media to the activities.

AlphaTots Alphabet - alphabet apps

AlphaTots Alphabet

iOS | $2.99

AlphaTots is one of the more interesting alphabet apps on our round-up. It uses one action verb for each alphabet to teach the kids effectively. Through this, they can learn about the letters’ sounds in entertaining contexts.

Besides that feature, AlphaTots also has preschool activities and games. Kids can sing along to the alphabet song or recite the letters in the interactive alphabet. AlphaTots is well-praised for their approach, and it’s not hard to see why. 


PocketPhonics (Basic Edition)

iOS | $6.99

PocketPhonics is another one of the alphabet apps with so much to offer. And unsurprisingly, it works. Kids have learned to pronounce the alphabet and its sounds through PocketPhonics. 

Along with learning the alphabet, kids can also learn their very first words and basic handwriting on this app. If you’re teaching your kid on your own, this is a good app to use along with the likes of Zoolingo and AlphaTots. 

Starfall ABCs

Starfall ABCs

iOS and Android | Free

Besides being free, Starfall ABCs’ charm lies in its simple interface but effective approach. On the app, the kids can learn phonics. They can also learn their ABCs through the minimalist, kid-friendly graphics. 

If you’re a homeschooling parent, we suggest you check out the Starfall ABCs website as well. Together with that, this app will have your kid blurting out near pitch-perfect phonics. Did we mention that it’s free?

LetterBlock alphabet apps

LetterSchool – Block Letters

iOS and Android | $9.99 

LetterSchool is one of the pricier alphabet apps on our list. And its hefty price is not without good reason. From tracing letters and numbers to improving their understanding of phonics, LetterSchool helps students go from good to better. 

Tracing the block letters on this app is effortless as well. You can tap the dots and connect them to each other to form the letters. You can also write the letters and numbers from memory. 

Monkey World School Adventures

Monkey Word School Adventure

Android | $2.00

In this app, your child will guide Monkey in his adventures in the jungle and learn about the alphabet along the way. Monkey will also teach your kid about phonics, numbers, and spelling.

It doesn’t end there. Monkey Word School Adventure also introduces kids to the fundamentals of reading and writing. They can also learn relatively advanced topics such as consonant blends, digraphs, and irregular vowels. 

Talking ABC... alphabet apps

Talking ABC…

iOS | $2.99

Like its namesake, Talking ABC… delivers more than just a speaker-to-receiver type of learning. On the app, your kid can also practice pronouncing letters and words through its Talking option. 

There’s also a catchy song that might help your kid memorize the alphabet. They can also have fun with the puzzles and six games on the app. 

ABCmouse alphabet apps


iOS and Android | Free trial with in-app purchases

ABCmouse is another one of the award-grabbing alphabet apps here. Looking at the graphics, you might mistake it as an app made by Disney, but it’s not. Nevertheless, like Disney, ABCMouse also provides high-quality content.

It doesn’t even fall short in quantity. There are over 10,000 activities on this app, all teaching about the alphabet, spelling, math, art, and music. It also offers books, games, printables, and lessons. 

360ed alphabet apps

360ed Alphabet AR

iOS and Android | Free

360ed uses Augmented Reality (AR) to teach your kids about the alphabet. The 4D objects are indeed realistic, making the experience highly engaging for the learner. 

Besides that feature, the content isn’t half-cooked at all. They can listen to the letters’ sounds and practice pronouncing them in eight languages. You can also use the app without the internet. 

ABC Gurus alphabet apps

ABC Gurus

iOS | $1.99

ABC Gurus doesn’t only teach the alphabet and phonics. It also inspires your kids to become creators. On the app, they can personalize the letters and make them into characters. 

The activities on the app are also designed based on the American Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence. By using an app like ABC Gurus, you will be confident that your child is prepared for their upcoming lessons in elementary school. 

Bogga Alphabet - alphabet apps

Bogga Alphabet

iOS and Android | $3.99

Bogga Alphabet lets kids arrange block letters in a simulated fridge. They can also listen to each letter’s pronunciation in American English and learn basic spelling by arranging the letters. 

Other cool features on the app also include six colors for each letter, a  screenshot feature, a waste bin, and uppercase and lowercase letters. 

ABC Kids Tracing and Phonics - alphabet apps

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

iOS and Android | Free

ABC Kids brings a fruitful learning experience with adorable characters your kids will surely like. Through matching exercises and activities, they can learn the alphabet, numbers, letter shapes, and phonic sounds. 

What we also like about this app is parents can use it, too. If you want to track your child’s progress, you can go to Teacher Mode and check the report card feature. You can also facilitate the activities. 

Dr Seuss ABC Read and Learn - alphabet apps

Dr. Seuss’s ABC – Read & Learn

iOS and Android |  $5.99

The beloved children’s book author is now available on this app. Dr Seuss’s ABC brings you the activities, games, and hidden surprises, with lessons based on the English Language Arts (ELA) standards. 

Your kid can learn letter sorting, build their vocabulary, and read along with the narration. You can also monitor their progress by checking the minutes they spent reading and pages they read in the Parents feature.

ABC Magnetic Alphabet Lite for Kids

ABC – Magnetic Alphabet Lite for Kids

iOS | Free with in-app purchases

On this app, your kid can play with magnetic letters and words. We admire the easily recognizable and colorful letters, which will engage your kid/s for sure. 

Since this is the free version, the uppercase letters are only available. In the paid version, you can access the lowercase letters, symbols, shapes, and more. 

AR Flashcards

AR Flashcards-Alphabet & More

iOS | Free with in-app purchases 

If the other apps used fridges and magnets to teach alphabets, this app uses printed flashcards. Here’s something even better: when you point your app to the printed flashcards, they become animated!

To hear the letter’s pronunciation and their name, you have to tap them to hear the animal. What else? You can also learn about the solar system, get 100 added cards, and explore AR portals on this app. 

Bob Books Reading Magic 1

Bob Books Reading Magic #1

iOS and Android | $2.99

Bob Books Reading Magic has many accolades on its roster, one being the Parenting Magazine’s “Best App for Kids.” But do the features justify it? Fortunately, it does. 

The charm and effectiveness of this app stem from its authenticity. The illustrations are simple but endearing, while the features are straightforward and essential. Kids can trace letters and listen to their sounds, practice pronouncing words, and spell the words they just read.

Reading Raven HD

Reading Raven HD

iOS and Android | $3.99

This adorable bird is the main star of this well-decorated learn-to-read app. Reading Raven has a lot to offer besides teaching kids how to read, though.

On the app, your kids can learn how to write letters, spell, and pronounce rhymes. They can also go on adventures that involve the circus, underwater creatures, robots, snow monsters, and more!

TeachMe Kindergarten

TeachMe: Kindergarten

iOS | $1.99

Last but not least is this fun, jam-packed preschool app. TeachMe teaches children how to spell, count numbers, read Sight Words: Dolch (Pre-K), Dolch (K), and write simple words. 

On the app, they can stay motivated to learn more through a rewards system. They can earn coins for every three correct answers, and they can use those coins to buy stickers. 


They may teach your kid about the same thing, but these alphabet apps we listed are all unique in their own way. What’s important is that your kids learn and have fun while using them. 

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