Our Top 9 Picks of Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

with regards to Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting, Apple takes smartphone filmmaking seriously. In fact, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 13mm Ultrawide Angle that many experts call a bona fide film camera. With such a powerful device, you will need the best lighting to film cinematic footage. This guide will show you our top 9 picks of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting available today.

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The Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Whether you are recording your travel, a vlog, a music video, or a mini-movie, light kids can always take your films to the next level. Below are some of our top picks that won’t let you down—from rigs with lights to professional studio LED lights, you’ll definitely find a gem that will suit your needs. 

#1: Movo SmartCine Kit – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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First on our list is the Movo SmartCine Kit, which features a rig, top-notch stereo microphone, and LED light. Aside from that, it also offers wide-angle and fisheye lenses for your iPhone. The rig and mount from this kit are also compatible with other smartphones and tripods. 

This kit comes with a wrist strap, so you can continue to take spontaneous shots when traveling or making fast movements. 

The LED light gives you 46 lumens of light powered by a rechargeable battery. It’s bright enough to illuminate your subject in low-light places. And as for the audio, you’ll hear it 100% crystal clear. 

All in all, Movo SmartCine Kit is perfect for iPhone filmmaking—it’s compact, portable, and versatile.  

#2: PULUZ Smartphone Video Rig Kit – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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If you want a complete video rig kit for your iPhone, consider PULUZ. Each component of this kit is durable and designed to step up your filmmaking experience. This rig kit includes an attached studio light, phone rig, a 3.5mm microphone with cables for iPhone or camera, a cold shoe head, and a mini tripod. This is perfect for films that require camera rotation and tilting. 

On the other hand, the LED light provides excellent brightness, which works perfectly in rooms with morning ambient lighting. You can also modify the brightness from white to warm.

#3: LUMIMUSE 8 LED Light – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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LUMMIMUSE is an excellent, cost-effective, portable LED light. It’s available in several variants—3 LED, 6 LED, 8 LED, and 8 LED with Bluetooth. The catchlight is structured like a circle instead of a square, which makes it ideal for portrait photography, selfies, and vlogs. It comes with a rechargeable battery, a mini tripod, interchangeable filters, and a USB socket. You may attach this LED light to a tripod using the hot shoe mount. 

As for the light quality, though not very optimal, it still does an excellent job. It offers a Lux input of 500, ideal for close-up scenes and medium shots in moderately lit rooms. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a handy secondary light source for your film, this is an excellent choice. 

#4: GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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Another best iPhone filmmaking lighting is the GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kit. The two lights in this kit provide 2300k to 6800k of brightness that you can adjust from 10% to 100%. 

If you want to view the parameters, you can check them on the digital display screen. Also, this kit comes with an AC adapter, diffusers, a U-shaped bracket, and an adjustable soft board.

What many users love about the GVM lighting kit is its light quality, given its economical price. By using this light kit, you can achieve high-quality output without too much effort. The light from this kit blends well with other light sources and softens shadows. 

With that said, you are likely to spend less time adjusting the light in your shot. Having these features in mind, it’s safe to say that this GVM lighting kid is perhaps one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting products.

#5: Movo Smartphone Video Kit – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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We have here yet another light kit from Movo. Filmmakers—beginners or professionals—will absolutely love the features of this video kit. First, this kit is modular, meaning you can remove the accessories as you wish. It’s complete with a wind muff, a shotgun mic, a Bluetooth remote, and a grip rig. 

Like the first Movo kit mentioned, this light kit has LED-30 with a long-lasting battery life that can last throughout the day. The shotgun mic does a great job at capturing audio clearly. 

This Movo video kit is also known for being lightweight, making it perfect for anyone who loves to carry their gear anywhere. 

Overall, the Movo Smartphone Video Kit is perfect for outdoor filmmakers looking into a reliable and compact lighting kit for their iPhone. 

#6: Iwata Pro 144 LED – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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If you want a lightweight but heavy-duty video lighting kit, then choose Iwata Pro 144. It’s compact and powerful, making it one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting kits on the market today. 

This kit comes with a Type-C cable, two cases, a cold shoe adapter, and a light diffuser. Not just that, its prominent feature is its eye-candy design. 

Iwata Pro 144 LED has 2600 to 6000k bicolor dimmable light. If you want a higher level of brightness, you can run its 24W turbo mode that lasts for about a minute and a half. 

The thumbwheels in this lighting kit make it easy to adjust without blinding yourself. You can also film all day, thanks to its long-lasting battery that can last up to 17 hours. 

#7: VILTROX Studio Lights Kit – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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If you’re looking for a professional lighting kit for mini-movies or short films, then grab hold of VILTROX Studio Lights Kit. This set includes three LED light panels that come with a remote, a light stand (that can go as high as 75 inches), and a hot shoe mount. 

You’ll also get a free carrying bag when you buy this light kit. Although this light kit comes with a stand, you can still opt to attach them to a tripod. 

The dimmable lights can be adjusted from 3300K warm light up to 5600K daylight. Plus, you can change the brightness from 20% to 100% using a 2.4G remote. To check the brightness setting, you can navigate to the LCD monitor display placed at the back. 

Besides the impressive, adjustable brightness, the lights are also energy-efficient, with only 192 pieces of SMD (surface mount device) beads. Surprisingly, the light isn’t harsh to the eyes. 

#8: IVISII Desk Mount LED Video Light Kit – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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Whether you’re filming a talk show in a studio for YouTube or live streaming, the IVISII desk mount LED video kit won’t let you down. This kit is ideal for long and continuous filming in one location. But make no mistake, this video light kit also performs well in outdoor filming activities. 

The lights in this kit are not only lightweight but also adjustable to 180 degrees. It also comes with a free carrying bag. 

Now let’s talk about the light quality. The light quality is definitely more than enough for casual vlogging or live streaming. This video lighting kit produces light with a color close to sunlight, and it is absolutely reliable for illuminating low-light situations. 

It offers a wide color temperature range of 8000K to 3000K, allowing you to adjust the temperature range depending on your setting.

#9: Boiling BL-P1 RGB LED Video Light – Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

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Last but definitely not least, the Boiling BL-P1 RGB LED Video Light. It features 2500 to 8500K amount of light in full brightness and color. It also comes with a temperature control protection system, preventing your kit from heating. 

Aside from the heat control feature, this video light is equipped with a 2930mAh battery, an OLED digital screen, and a 360-degree bracket arm. 

Being packed with features, we can confidently say that Boiling BL-P1 RGB LED video light is one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting kits today. 


If you’re using an iPhone for filmmaking, consider getting lighting kits to accompany your phone’s camera. Although iPhone cameras work exceptionally well alone, you can enhance your videos by getting lighting kits to modify your scenes. 

Of course, while these kits are extremely helpful in making excellent videos, it all boils down to your expertise. 

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What is the best LED light for iPhone?

If you’re taking professional videos, we highly suggest getting the LUMIMUSE 8. For budget-friendly options, consider the Commlite CM-L50 LED Camera Video Light. to

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