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Help a first-timer homeschooling mom, please.

I’m not a teacher.. I have never experienced teaching. The most effort-intensive thing I made for my son was his cute science project, which was not very hard… Thing is, I have chores to do during the day, so I don’t have an idea how to monitor him and his progress on his schoolwork. Should I prepare anything? A plan of action or something? I don’t want him to depend on me too much, either. Oh gosh, help!

Hello, first of all, I’m with you! I’m just lucky because my child is almost a teen, so I can leave him to his own. As for your son (I assume he’s still a toddler?), I suggest you look up Scaffolding, which is using a framework or support like relating to his experiences, favorite things, etc. and then using it to teach him the lesson or topic. It’s a teaching strategy you should def consider. Good luck, good mama!

Veteran Homeschooling and Parenting Expert of Vermont.