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How do I teach the Alphabet to a 3-year-old?

I have been working at home full-time since the COVID lockdown. So now I have the time to teach my son his ABCs, how to write the small letters and capital letters--the works. I have no teaching experience as his dad has been staying at home while I worked outside. Any tips for me?

If you have big storybooks, I suggest you read them together. After reading, go back to the beginning of the story. Ask him/her to write the small and capital letters of the first word on a paper. You can do this with the rest of the storybook pages. Also, you can prepare the paper ahead of time and add some doodles to engage her more to write the letters.

If you're curious about apps, you should check out Zoolingo: It's free but it has dozens of multi-lingual games for children. Good luck!

Tim from Cali