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Pitfalls of learning science

Pitfalls of learning science I'm just curious... Not COVID-related at all, sorry. But I just want to pick the brains of science teachers, school admins, or even parents here. What do you think is the most common but unaddressed pitfall of learning science in younger students?

Tim from Cali

For me, it’s about the overrated notion of being accurate and right all the time. As science teachers, you also have to consider that each student has a different learning style. They grew up with different beliefs and were shaped in various environments. Dismissing their answers as misconceptions will take away the space for “failing safely”, which hinders learning in the long run!

That’s what I have observed in most science classrooms these days. It can be prevented, though—however, the heavy burden is on the science teacher. He or she has to be openminded and patient enough to create a safe, sustainable learning environment for a diverse set of students.

Veteran Homeschooling and Parenting Expert of Vermont.