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Public school curriculum question.

Are we really required to follow our school’s homeschool curriculum? This is all so sudden and we’re not even sure about the effectiveness of their curriculum. I read in one forum that regular homeschooling is DIFFERENT from COVID-19 homeschooling. And I think they might be right. As public school parents, this is honestly disheartening… Can’t they give us an option to create our own home school program?

Hello, this definitely something you should address immediately with the teachers and the school admin.

I’m sure you can find common ground in this… Why not just ask for a lesson plan and suggest that you go over it alone with your kid/s?

This way, you won’t make the effort of sending a billion emails for the assignments and logging in and out of Google Classroom.

Also, there are thousands of free resources today—lesson plans, eBooks, worksheets, etc. Why not take advantage of it?

You can browse the Resource section of this site, btw. They have compiled hundreds of websites and resources, most of which have free programs and software access due to COVID-19...