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Social media & Coronavirus

Do you think social media is worsening everything?

Dissemination of information is incredibly important these days. But do you think the internet, especially social media, is adding fuel to the fire? I can control what my younger children (still toddlers) are consuming on their iPads, but I’m worried about my older niece who’s a preteen.

Obviously we are all stressed, but I don’t think browsing social media is helping her mental health. Do you agree?

Yes, without a doubt. Yes, we need the most important updates about the transmission of the disease. But the necessary evil we have to deal with on the internet is the true natures of people when they are stressed…. And worse, they have the freedom and the time to broadcast it.

Some can get so mean, judge families, etc. I suggest you sit down your preteen niece and talk it out. I don’t recommend cutting her internet usage, but you should at least make her aware that the web is full of malicious information.

Teach her how to be more selective with what she follows and how to question the information she sees on her feeds. Think about it as an orientation or a necessary pep talk.

Tim from Cali