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Tired of homeschooling

Does anyone else think homeschooling is more stressful than regular school? Some of my friends have been complaining about their children’s homeschool schedules and workload. Frankly, I’m hella exhausted, too. Do you think we should just pause schooling and start teaching the kids on our own?

Homeschooling shouldn’t be that stressful. What your kids are experiencing right now, as a matter of fact, is Distance Learning and NOT homeschooling. Distance Learning means they are continuing what they have been doing in school but from a distance.

However, the unfortunate facts are:

  • We’re in a pandemic, which is becoming worse by the minute.
  • Most teachers are inexperienced in teaching online. They were also not ready for this kind of transition.
  • We are also carrying the burden of surviving for our children.

I think it’s only reasonable to pause if you’re being burned out. After all, that’s just being counterintuitive. Discuss it immediately with your teachers or school admin.

Tim from Cali