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Montessori ideas: How to keep your kids occupied while you work at home

A child’s curiosity is just like a machine—except you just can’t seem to turn it off. How do you keep them occupied while you work at home? Check out these Montessori activities for kids.

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1. Button or Coin Excavating

colorful buttons mix - Montessori activities for kids
Tickle your kid’s curiosity with hidden buttons in sand.

Put different and preferably small buttons in a black plastic tub. Don’t use transparent plastic tubs so that your kid won’t see the coins or buttons. Fill it with sand and then give them a bucket and a mini shovel. They can dig the coins and buttons, which they can store and arrange in glass jars.

2. Clothespin Color Matching

colorful clothespins and sticky notes - Montessori activities for kids
Your child will ace their color test next time if they play this activity.

This is best for 1-year-old and above kids. Paint ordinary clothespins with primary and secondary colors. After that, pain circles with corresponding colors at the edges of a piece of cardboard. Through this, they can learn how to recognize and organize match colors. 

3. Button Sorting

arranged buttons in rows - Montessori activities for kids
This activity promotes detail orientation.

Gather your old buttons and put them all in a box without a lid. Preferably they should have various colors and sizes. Label glass jars with characteristics like big buttons, small buttons, buttons with holes, etc. Your child can sort the mixed buttons in those glass jars. 

4. Smashing Fruit Loops 

fruit loops - Montessori activities for kids
Just a plain fun motor skill exercise.

Now, for an activity that improves motor skills. Let your kid smash fruit loops using a small hammer! For this, you’re going to need a black plastic tray. Pour fruit loops into it. Now, let your kid whack and smash for several hours as your work. 

5. Math Trays

red, yellow, green and blue number blocks
Counting 1 to 10 is more fun if you can touch or feel the numbers.

Little monsters can learn how to count better with this task. Buy ten cloth trays and then sew the numbers 1–10 in each tray. Gather knick-knacks in one transparent plastic box. They can fill each tray with items according to the corresponding number.

6. Montessori Folding Work

young girl folding her clothes
Teach them how to take care of themselves with this fun folding task.

Your child can be occupied and learn basic self-care skills with this activity. Just saw or glue button shirts into a square wooden frame. They can practice buttoning up the shirt as you work. You can also sew folding lines on napkins, which will serve as guides when they’re folding them. 

8. Scooping Rice

baby playing with colored rice
Use colored rice to engage your kids to scoop them.

Put smaller plastic containers in a larger bin. It would help if they are transparent or vibrant. Next, pour rice in the largest container inside the bin. Your kid can scoop the rice grains and distribute them into the other containers. This is one of the most fun sensory-focused Montessori activities for kids!

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