20 interactive educational activities for your eager learners, aged 3-6. AYM apps give parents and teachers the comfort of knowing that their kids are learning academics, life skills, and social skills even though they may be playing a game on their tablets or mom’s phone. Parents or teachers can register as many children to their account as needed and will see data for every child registered. AYM apps are unique because kids are presented with real-life scenarios involving experiences for decision making, creativity, analysis, or action. As kids absorb, feel and live with each new experience, new cognitive networks are created and that develops a more powerful level of consciousness. Children stay engaged and motivated as they focus on the world within and outside themselves—growing confidence, emotional stability, social functionality, and a priceless sense of control over their own lives. AYM apps teach phonemic awareness and provide instruction on reading and spelling through phonics while AYM math apps develop numeracy and math skills. With AYM multimodal learning apps students simultaneously see the text of the written word, hear the word being spoken and see an image of the word. This multi-sensory approach leads to better retention of words in verbal memory and a greater understanding of vocabulary words. Includes 8 free activities, unlock all 20 through simple in-app purchase. Register registering will enable you to access AYM content from any of your iOS devices and provide you a way to login at any time, if you wish to later extend access to additional iOS devices.