This podcast addresses the needs of a severely underrepresented community, Adult Aspergers/Autistics. It is currently estimated that one in 59 people are Aspergers/Autistic. That figure does not include the massive population of currently undiagnosed adult Autistics.

Adult Autistics, even the “High Functioning” ones, are a population seriously at risk.

The purpose of this podcast is to:

1. Support the greater Autistic community as a whole by providing, representation, information, and resources.

2. Give a platform to Autistic voices who are working to make the world a better place for our community and the planet.

3. Help people who think they might be Autistic get the resources they need.

4. Counteract harmful ideas about Autism, such as the myth that vaccines cause Autism.

5. Remedy the lack of representation of adult Aspergers/Autistics both in podcasting and the world at large.