Cynthia is the CEO and Chief Zoo Keeper of Alive Studios, an award-winning software developer that creates magical, zoo-themed learning experiences for early education. Her passion is to develop innovative products with her team and fellow educators to help teachers engage their students and get them excited about learning.
“I was inspired by the gut-wrenching struggle my husband and I had teaching our two adopted Latvian sons (5 and 6yrs old) how to read English. We exhausted all the tools and resources that were available. Nothing worked. At that time, I was leading another company called Logical Choice Technologies and employed great talent in the education space. One day, one of our young employees said he had “something really cool” to show me. It was a flashcard that used augmented reality to make the Eiffel Tower pop off the page in 3D. I was blown away, and my mind was boggling at the potential this new technology had for early learners! My mind’s eye immediately saw a giraffe popping up and interacting with children.