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The Coronavirus outbreak has meant remote meetings are now the new normal for many of us. But we’re hearing common challenges across the world from managers and team members such as: How do we create a productive remote meeting culture? How do we make sure everyone, and not just the dominant few, has a voice? How can we foster connection now that it’s harder to read non-verbal cues? How can we get the best out of our colleagues when their attention and focus is so split?

In this workshop, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to facilitate engaging and generative remote meetings. We’ll try out new tools together, learn by doing, and share tips and tricks that you can apply straight away in your next remote meeting. You’ll discover how to activate your colleagues so that rather than being passive passengers, they will become creative co-producers.

This workshop produced by Greaterthan is grounded in the latest academic research on fostering positive relational dynamics in distributed teams and based on our collective experience and wisdom of facilitating remote meetings and workshops over the last decade.

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