Website and newsletter offering garden-based activities, lessons, recipes, demos, and more for K-8! Newsletter/Website with Activities, Lessons, Recipes, Demos, and more. During these trying times, Big Green is committed to delivering on the promise we make to kids across the country – they are worthy of our time, resources, and investment. That kids everywhere, no matter where they live, deserve access to high-quality education and real, healthy, food. That’s why we are launching the Big Green at Home site, an online hub for all things distance learning and real food. Here you can find our brand new Homegrown program, launching the week of April 13th, for caregivers, teachers, and families, and an extensive suite of resources and supports for educators, including distance-friendly lessons and curriculum, professional development, and ways to connect. Big Green will be populating this site with lessons, activities, resources, videos and more to make teaching and engaging with kids at home easy.