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PicoToONs is a unique creative coloring book crafted with love and passion dedicated to children of all ages.

Nothing sparks imagination more than beautiful illustrations waiting to be filled with creativity and PicoToONs is full to the brim with these. In pair, we’ve added a bulky toolbox, full of everything your child might need while creating a real masterpiece. We know how kids like to experiment and cross the boundaries at every activity and PicoToONs encourages both. At your disposal, we’ve given simulated drawing tools like brush, crayon, and pencil, a glitter paint tool to add that little spark, a set of stickers, and a text tool. On top of all of that is a special effects tool allowing you to draw things like grass, fur, bubbles, water droplets, stars, and many others. We’ve prepared a beautiful color palette as well as a set of customizable texture patterns. The possibilities are endless and will keep the whole family engaged and entertained for hours.

Pico Christmas Tree AR – Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and one of the best things about it is decorating the Christmas tree. But it has one downside – you only get to do it once a year.

In order to remedy that, we’ve utilized state of the art technology bringing that beautiful experience into Augmented Reality. So now, you can adorn as many Christmas trees as you like, using various ornaments, bound only by your imagination. And just like in the real world you can share that experience with family and friends, decorating the very same Christmas tree by sharing your Augmented Reality session with other devices in the room!!!

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