Flashcards, for your phone.

Create cards on your desktop and learn them on your smartphone.

Up in the Clouds We believe to get the perfect flashcard experience we need to combine the advantages of mobile and desktop devices. To achieve this goal we store your cards in the cloud and synchronise them across different devices.

Best Flashcard Editor out there

One of the most annoying problems of learning with paper flashcards is that it takes forever to make them. In order to overcome this problem with our digital cards we focus on providing the best editor you can get. You can save time by easily copy-pasting content from your scripts and focus more on actual learning with your cards.

Mobile Native

Buffl is made with mobile learning in mind. We provide you with a real mobile experience which allows you to learn as fast and convenienty as possible. We didn't only take a web application and make it mobile. We made a mobile application from the ground off.