Cell-Ed tackles one of the world’s most intractable problems: teaching adults the basic skills they need to better their lives. Skills such as reading a child’s homework, communicating with confidence, or dividing numbers. One in four US adults doesn’t have these skills, leaving them unemployed or underemployed. Cell-Ed enables these adults to acquire literacy, language, and workforce-ready skills through a highly personalized and intuitive mobile solution. Learners simply listen to lessons on their flip phone or smartphone anywhere and anytime — no internet connection or costly data plan needed. The text to demonstrate an understanding of the lesson and can talk and text with Cell-Ed automated and live coaches on demand. Launched in 2014, tens of thousands of adults use Cell-Ed’s platform, courses, and content today to experience 84% faster skill gains. Learners access Cell-Ed through our partner organizations spanning education providers and employers in the US and worldwide. Millions of text messages have been exchanged between learners and Cell-Ed. We are a social enterprise based in Palo Alto, California.