Bringing Classrooms Online and Keeping Students Engaged Remotely Chem101 shares the concern of many faculty across the United States who are beginning to experience unexpected closures and disruptions due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Many of our current customers have started to transition their classrooms online and are using Chem101 to keep their chemistry students engaged during this challenging time. We feel a responsibility to help faculty with this process and bring online resources to those without them, which is why we are announcing zero cost access to Chem101 for all students* and faculty impacted by COVID-19 for the remainder of the Spring semester or academic quarter. Chem101 is an active learning platform that supports both synchronous and asynchronous modes of instruction. The platform has over 5,000 problems and activities that are specifically aligned to first-year chemistry courses such as General Chemistry, Introductory Chemistry, and GOB Chemistry. Our interactive problems and modules can serve as stand-ins for lecture activities such as attendance, polls, worksheets, and quizzes as well as provide more lengthy problem sets for homework or other assessments. If your institution is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and you are interested in bringing Chem101 to your online classroom at zero cost, email us at and our team will reach out to assist you.