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Extending Cloudflare to all your networks

Now more than ever, you need your networks to continue to be secure, fast, and reliable. Cloudflare Magic Transit offers DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for all your network infrastructure — whether on-premise, cloud-hosted, or in a hybrid environment.

Cloudflare was Built for this.
We’ve always believed in the Internet.

Originally conceived as a communications network for humanity during a crisis, it’s come a long way since then. But at this moment, it’s being put to use for that original purpose.

Around the world, thousands of network engineers, technicians, and system administrators are working tirelessly to keep this system functioning for the rest of us. They’re grappling with greater network demands, a rapid acceleration in remote work, and a growing risk of cyber threats.

They persevere so that the Internet continues to be secure, fast, and reliable. Cloudflare is proud to be helping them with these efforts. Our mission: to help build a better Internet.

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