Major Site Update (Bear with me)Hey all, So something I've been working on for... like a year now is a complete site update. And now with the situation being what it is I have gone ahead and uploaded the new version of the site. What this means for you guys is the site should load a LOT quicker and look better on different screen sizes (mobile especially). But because I had originally planned on waiting until the summer break to do the update the beta testing is pretty slim and some things may look weird or be broken for a bit. So please bear with me while I get the kinks worked out. That being said if you notice anything weird, please let me know. As far as the changes go, most of them are under the hood (and still in the works) but this update does have three rather noticable changes:  

    1. I have set it up so when you go to open a premade pdf it will open in another page where you can now change which page (worksheet only) you want to save / print. You can still go back to the old way in the options page but this should help with uploading files to other platforms.
    1. The Flash Card pages have all been completely revamped. I added a bunch of new patterns and also set it up so you can actually see the patterns now.
    1. As I said before the site is mobile-friendly now. There will still be some things that look wonky, but I'm getting them fixed as soon as I notice them.
  In any case, thanks for your patience and if you need anything let me know. Robert Smith (Admin)