Recognizing the current mental health crisis within the adolescent population, CounSEL was created by two mental health clinicians and designed to teach students in grades 6-12 evidence-based coping strategies to address the daily stressors they face as teenagers.
CounSEL provides schools a series of animated videos that address the myriad of challenges today’s students face and the ways in which teens can effectively manage their emotions. Our lessons are designed with the teenage brain in mind - they address these topics in an equally irreverent and genuine style. CounSEL is a comprehensive program that, in addition to video series, includes teacher materials, classroom activities, quizzes, a program end assessment, and professional development.  We know that teachers are tasked with exhausting workloads, and we’ve designed our lessons to minimize the burden on teachers while still fully engaging students. Once students have completed the video series, they will be more competent in utilizing skills that increase their mindfulness, regulate their emotions, weather crisis situations, and effectively communicate with others. Such skills are imperative to increasing personal resilience and decreasing chronic mental health challenges.
In addition to the materials for students and teachers, the program comes with a Parent and Caregiver Guide that provides both psychoeducation about adolescent mental health and concrete strategies to parent effectively. Our lessons talk about sensitive subjects. We believe its vital that parents - the experts on their own children - are aware and involved in learning skills to support their teen, and manage high-risk behaviors and challenging conversations.