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Our company was founded in 2008, and is based in Mons, Belgium. Belgium hosts Europe capital city Brussels, and is well known for its chocolates, waffles, and beers (yeah, those are wonderful). But Belgium is also a country with a strong tradition for science & engineering.

Here at Creaceed, we’re a small team of 4 people, and we are passionate about app development. We focus on making a few great apps that solve specific problems in elegant ways. We like to make our own technology but at the same time keep that complexity away from users and focus on usability.

Many people ask us, what does that mean, “Creaceed” ? Well, it’s the result of some thinking ;-). “Crea-“ stands for creativity, as we want to make apps for creative people. “-ceed” like ex-ceed, suc-ceed, comes from Latin “cedere”, meaning “to give way for” or “to go”. That also inspires the ‘seed’-like logo.

Grade 7 / Year 8, Grade 8 / Year 9, Grade 9 / Year 10, Grade 10 / Year 11, Grade 11 / Year 12, Grade 12 / Year 13, Higher Education
Website/Online tool for Teacher, Website/Online tool for Student, Mobile/Tablet App, Podcast