MAKE YOUR OWN SKETCHBOOK FOR LESS THAN 50 CENTS I’ve been a bit obsessed lately. I’ve been making my own sketchbooks to record my thoughts as I experiment with a new technique, work on an art course or just practice mixing colors. I was totally inspired by my interview with Anna Bartlett from Shiny Happy Art and her collection of personalized sketchbooks. In episode 91 of Art Made Easy, Anna and I chat about working with acrylic paints and how she organizes all of her projects. She paints the covers of pre-made, inexpensive scrapbooks that she can easily find in Australia. She also buys a matching plastic cover to protect her work. While neither of these products is available here in the States, I decided I wouldn’t let it stop me.  I considered the benefits of how a simple sketchbook can be used to record your artist's efforts on a small calendar cycle.