Dekko Reader is a digital expansion for the already popular Dekko Comics series. These comics turn the school curriculum for ages 9-12 into fun comics that focus on entertainment before education, in order to better engage the readers. Dekko Reader allows for the reading experience of a comic to be even more accessible to a wider audience, by enabling panel-by-panel navigation and coloured-filter-overlays when reading the content, (coloured overlays are helpful for certain types of dyslexia and visual stress). On Dekko Reader, you will have 144 comic stories at your finger tips! The stories cover a full range of school topics and subjects: including algebra, spelling, electricity, the water cycle, and even covering certain PSHE topics like bullying and respecting differences. As well as stories, you will also find some fun posters hidden amongst some of the comics too! The comics that feature in Dekko Reader, (Dekko Comics), have proven especially, but not exclusively, helpful for children with learning differences, including (but not limited to) dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. But readers who don’t struggle also love them. They have been so successful in their reception since 2016 that they are even recommended as refresher material for older readers, (as old as student level). They are read in libraries and at homes, but also in schools and educational institutions to great appeal. The humour is zany and over-the-top in places, deliberately being cutting-edge at times in order to be a breath of fresh air and excitement compared to the often dry and often bland art styles of mainstream education. The last thing Dekko aims to do is remind the reader of a textbook. Dekko is about increasing motivation and breaking down resistance barriers, by using entertainment as a communication tool for information. The comics are based on a technique that the author and founder of Dekko Comics used on himself when he was at school. As a longtime struggler with his dyslexia, he eventually found that by turning his study notes into comics, with a focus on entertainment before education, was able to score him his first Grade A in an academic exam. He now wants to bring his technique to a younger audience; first with Dekko Comics, and now with Dekko Reader.