For 20 years, the Japanese company Copel has been providing education for young children throughout Japan in their own special Copel Classrooms. As of Feb 2017, there are 77 throughout Japan. One of the core concepts of the Copel teaching methodology is that children learn best when having fun. Each lesson that Copel provides is unique and originally developed by their team of education professionals. By strengthening the connection between the two hemispheres in the brain, a child’s untapped potential to become a genius can be brought forward, nurtured and encouraged. After a conducting a survey with 600 students and their parents, 99% of them responded positively saying that they were highly satisfied with Copel and were seeing real results in their children. After taking an IQ test of students who had attended Copel’s classrooms for one year, their average IQ result was over 130 compared to the norm for their peers which is 100.