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DLI – Our motto is to educate, enable & empower. We are a not for profit organisation focused on making the youth of India digitally literate with a purpose of providing them to lead self-sustainable lives. Our online platform is dedicated to provide employment to 100s of digitally qualified trainers who are today able to train students and professionals alike without having to leave their hometown in search of better lives.

There’s only one World Wide Web, but it can unlock a myriad opportunities. The goal of the DLI platform is to enable students of today to become trainers of tomorrow. Our aim is to generate employment by providing education to the ones in need. Our comprehensive specialized academic discipline in digital marketing will help you stay ahead in the rat race by advancing your career. Our trainers tick the most important check boxes – expertise & experience.

Powered by Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE) in association with Unspun Consulting Group, leaders looking to conquer the digital world are groomed for the future at DLI.


Grade 9 / Year 10, Grade 10 / Year 11, Grade 11 / Year 12, Grade 12 / Year 13, Higher Education
Website/Online tool for Teacher, Website/Online tool for Student