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EduGuru is a series of educational apps, developed and built to fully support the UK National Curriculum; and designed to help children learn outside of the classroom, stimulate their imagination and make learning an open-ended fun activity.

Within every app there are 8 separate games, each supporting a key level curriculum topic. Each of the games in EduGuru’s comprehensive series of apps provides a fun and interactive learning path to develop a child’s understanding and grasp of key curriculum activities.

Importantly, as children progress through the games and topics they are rewarded and motivated to continue learning with EduGuru trophies and badges.

Zoolingo - Preschool Learning Games for Toddlers

Kindergarten / Year 1, Grade 1 / Year 2, Grade 2 / Year 3, Grade 3 / Year 4, Grade 4 / Year 5, Grade 5 / Year 6
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