Our school opened its doors for the first time in 1899. When Eglish N.S was first built there was a fireplace and students would bring in turf every day to school. They would light a fire to keep warm because they had no radiators. The subjects were different as well. In school, they were taught how to knit, sew, cook, etc....Punishments then were very different too. Aaaaaah! Nowadays there is much more of a focus on positive behavior as we, children are such little angels. There were no buses or any other means of transport for the early students of Eglish N.S, so they had to walk or cycle to school and in the summertime, we are told by our grandparents, they would go in their bare feet. The first Principal was James Joseph Connolly. Thanks to successive Principals, including Thomas Leonard (RIP), Seamus Ryan, and Elizabeth Mulry, Eglish NS has a long proud legacy of Sport, Music, Storytelling, Academics, and Community.