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Hydrogen audio
explosive gas, lightest element
90% of atoms in the universe, sun and stars, H2O, life’s organic molecules
2 He Helium audio
inert gas, second-lightest element
nuclear fusion in sun and stars, balloons, lasers, supercold refrigerant
3 Li Lithium audio
lightest metal, soft, reactive
lightweight aluminum alloys, batteries, impact-resistant ceramic cookware (Corningware©), mood stabilizer
4 Be Beryllium audio
lightweight metal
non-sparking copper alloy tools, aerospace, X-ray windows, beryl gems: emeralds and aquamarines
5 B Boron audio
hard black solid
borax soap, fertilizer, stiff fibers, sports equipment (golf clubs, tennis rackets, skis), heat-resistant borosilicate glass (Pyrex©), semiconductors
6 C Carbon audio
hard diamond, soft graphite
basis of life’s organic molecules, animals, plants, CO2, wood, paper, cloth, plastic, coal, oil
7 N Nitrogen audio
colorless gas
78% of air, organic molecules, protein, muscles, DNA, ammonia, fertilizer, explosives (TNT), refrigerants
8 O Oxygen audio
colorless gas
21% of air, H2O, 65% of the human body, organic molecules, blood, breathing, fire, half of Earth’s crust, minerals, oxides

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